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Meet India's 'Spider-Man' candidate
2014-04-24 12:44:19
Forget going door-to-door, Gaurav Sharma, 31, campaigns from window-to-window. He's an independent candidate running for a seat in India's general election from South Mumbai.

3 American workers shot, killed in Afghan hospital
2014-04-24 12:37:00
At least three American hospital workers in Afghanistan were killed Thursday by an officer guarding the hospital, Kabul police said.

Russia launches new military drills
2014-04-24 12:26:45
Following days of simmering unrest, tensions in Ukraine escalated sharply Thursday, with Russia embarking on new military drills near the border after Ukrainian forces said they killed five pro-Russian militants.

Malaysia to release MH370 report, prime minister tells CNN
2014-04-24 12:22:55
Facing anger from families of Flight 370 passengers, Malaysia's prime minister said Thursday his government will release its preliminary report on the plane's disappearance.

Hamas, Fatah 'to reconcile'
2014-04-24 09:42:19
Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah announced Wednesday they've agreed to reconcile -- a development that could see the Palestinian territories under a unified leadership for the first time in years.

Dutch fighter jets intercept 2 Russian bombers in their airspace
2014-04-24 09:41:04
Dutch fighter jets scrambled Wednesday to intercept a pair of Russian military aircraft that entered their airspace, a fairly routine action that comes amid heightened tensions between Russia and NATO, a Dutch official said.

Al Qaeda's chief bomb maker dead?
2014-04-24 07:37:34
Officials are investigating whether al Qaeda's chief bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, was killed in an attack in Yemen. "

Brazilian army patrolling Rio de Janeiro
2014-04-24 07:31:05
Brazil has stepped up efforts to secure its notorious slums ahead of the World Cup. CNN's Shasta Darlington reports.

This train is about to hit him
2014-04-24 07:30:39
An elderly man in the Czech Republic escaped with minor injuries after being hit by a speeding train.

Will China embrace electric cars?
2014-04-24 07:28:46
The room exploded in cheers when it was announced that the Denza electric car would sell for RMB 369,000 ($59,100), at the Beijing Auto Show earlier this week.

16 killed in Pakistani military strikes on suspected militant hideouts
2014-04-24 07:26:36
Pakistan's military launched a series of airstrikes Thursday against suspected militant hideouts, killing at least 16 people in the northern tribal area, the military said.

Syrian opposition: Army helicopter dropped barrel bombs in Aleppo
2014-04-24 07:26:22
A Syrian army helicopter dropped barrel bombs on a vegetable market in Aleppo on Thursday, killing 24 people, opposition activists said.

Lawmaker: South Korean ferry was renovated
2014-04-24 07:24:46
A South Korean lawmaker said Thursday that renovations last year expanded the top floor of the Sewol, the ferry that sank last week, to make room for 117 more passengers.

Obama backs Japan over islands dispute with China
2014-04-24 07:23:21
The United States stands by its security agreement with Japan in its dispute with China over a group of islands, President Barack Obama said Thursday.

This video will make your heart stop
2014-04-23 22:02:23
Veteran BASE jumpers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a world record by BASE jumping off the world's tallest building.

U.S. paratroopers in Poland amid crisis
2014-04-23 17:40:34
A contingent of U.S. Army paratroopers arrived in Poland on Wednesday, the first of what will be a "persistent presence" of U.S. troops as the crisis in nearby Ukraine continues to unfold.

US troops touch down in eastern Europe
2014-04-23 17:35:08
First U.S. troops land in Poland as a show of force against Russia, CNN's Jim Sciutto reports.

MH370 search: 'Object of interest' found on Western Australian coast
2014-04-23 17:17:46
Australian officials say an "object of interest" in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has been found, but Malaysia authorities said it was too early to tell if it is a real lead.

Rep. Rogers: Troop deployment a good start
2014-04-23 16:56:18
Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Mike Rogers talks to Wolf Blitzer about the deployment of U.S. paratroopers to Poland.

Gold bars in man's stomach?
2014-04-23 16:32:15
An India man's apparent attempt to evade taxes by swallowing gold did not have a glittering end. Amir Daftari reports.

4 killed in blast in Nairobi suburb
2014-04-23 14:29:50
At least four people, including two police officers, were killed when a car exploded outside a police station in the Nairobi suburb of Pangani, Kenya's Ministry of Interior said Wednesday on its Twitter account.

Violent protests in Rio
2014-04-23 13:27:54
Protesters burned barricades and police blocked streets as clashes flared in Rio de Janeiro's beachside neighborhood of Copacabana on Tuesday night.

See baby photos of Kim Jong Un
2014-04-23 09:26:57
State media has released never before seen baby pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Take a look.

NBA player looks to open Russian Hooters
2014-04-23 09:23:09
Brooklyn Nets NBA player Andrei Kirilenko plans on bringing the American restaurant chain Hooters to Russia.

Trapped on Everest as fatal avalanche hit
2014-04-23 09:11:16
Mount Everest avalanche survivor Jon Reiter tells CNN what the avalanche was like, his heroic sherpa and more.

N.K. 'nuclear site activity increasing'
2014-04-23 08:52:55
North Korea has stepped up activity at its main nuclear test site, possibly preparing to carry out a fourth underground blast, South Korea said Tuesday.

Prince meets animal namesake
2014-04-23 08:48:34
During a visit to a zoo, young Prince George came met a bilby that shares his name. CNN's Max Foster reports.

McCann mystery: UK police say 6 more intruder cases may be linked
2014-04-23 08:47:37
Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal are looking at six more cases where a male intruder broke into holiday villas where children were staying, police said Wednesday.

Obama begins Asia visit
2014-04-23 06:24:40
President Barack Obama arrived in Japan on Wednesday for the first part of his Asia trip that started with reassuring Tokyo of U.S. support in its bitter territorial dispute with China.

No air pockets found on ferry
2014-04-23 06:14:25
Divers searching the sunken South Korean ferry have found no air pockets inside the ship. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

RIA Novosti Russia view all

UK Exploits Routine Russian Military Maneuvers for Political Reasons ? Scottish MP
2014-04-24 11:18:43
The United Kingdom is trying to exploit routine military maneuvers between the Russian and the British military for political reasons linked to the crisis in Ukraine, a Scottish MP told RIA Novosti

Russia Set to Boost Space Cooperation With India, China
2014-04-24 09:47:30
Russia is set to develop its space cooperation with India and China, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos Oleg Ostapenko said on Thursday.

Venue, Date Of Trilateral Gas Talks Still Undecided
2014-04-24 09:44:28
The venue and date of upcoming trilateral talks among Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission on the security of natural gas supplies have yet to be agreed upon, a spokeswoman for EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said Thursday.

OPINION: Russian Military Manoeuvres No Threat to UK
2014-04-24 09:42:19
No one really believes there is any ?serious intent? by Russia to threaten the UK militarily a retired senior British officer has told RIA Novosti.

Ukraine?s Party of Regions Calls for Peaceful Resolution to Eastern Uprising
2014-04-24 09:30:33
The armed conflict in Ukraine?s southeastern town of Slaviansk needs to be de-escalated peacefully, as opposed to continuing the ?anti-terrorist? operation, the deputy chief of the Party of Regions said Thursday.

Right Sector Extremists Attacking Civilians in East Ukraine ? Russian Defense Minister
2014-04-24 09:15:37
National guard units, as well as battalions from the ultra-nationalist Right Sector movement, are attacking civilians in southeastern Ukraine, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday.

Russian Oil Giant LUKoil to Participate in Iraqi Nassiriya Tender
2014-04-24 09:13:47
Russia's largest private oil company LUKoil is exploring the possibility of joint participation with Zarubezhneft in the Nassiriya Integrated Project tender in Iraq, the company has said.

Russia Says Kiev Aims to Crash Protests in East Ukraine with Troops, Heavy Weaponry
2014-04-24 09:10:28
Kiev has ordered the Ukrainian army to launch a major crackdown on protesters in southeastern Ukraine involving thousands of troops and heavy military equipment, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday.

Moldovans Name Putin World?s Most Popular Politician
2014-04-24 08:57:40
Russian President Vladimir Putin has topped a ranking of world politicians among Moldovans, according to polling data released Thursday.

OPINION: Presidential Election in Syria Legitimate Despite Civil War
2014-04-24 08:46:59
Holding presidential elections in Syria is legitimate despite the ongoing civil war in the country, Issam al-Takrouri, a professor of international law at the University of Damascus, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Thursday.

Texas Family Awarded $3Mln for Fracking-Related Health Issues
2014-04-24 08:45:19
A Texas family is to receive $3 million from an oil and gas company as compensation for health issues caused by fracking, United Press International reported Thursday.

No Plans to Produce Zenit Rocket in Russia ? Roscosmos
2014-04-24 08:44:07
The Russian space agency believes it would be illogical to start the production of Ukrainian-made Zenit space launch rockets in Russia, the agency?s head said Thursday.

Kiev Must Take First Steps to Defuse Crisis in Ukraine ? Lavrov
2014-04-24 08:41:07
Moscow believes that Kiev should take the first steps to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday.

Putin Calls on Russian Human Rights Experts to Monitor Ukraine
2014-04-24 08:39:59
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he hopes Russian human rights experts will pay attention to the situation in eastern Ukraine.

5 Killed, 1 Injured in Special Operation in Ukraine?s Slaviansk
2014-04-24 08:36:00
The special operation against pro-federalization protesters underway in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slaviansk has left five members of local self-defense forces dead and one policeman injured, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said Thursday.

OPINION: Pakistan to Name Library After Bin Laden, Challenge for Humanity
2014-04-24 08:35:41
he renaming of a seminary library in Islamabad after Osama Bin Laden is a challenge not only to Pakistan, but to humanity in general, prominent Pakistani political analyst Wadzhahat Masood told the Voice of Russia radio station Thursday.

FACTBOX: Donetsk, Ukraine
2014-04-24 08:27:32
Donetsk, an industrial city and the administrative center of Ukraine?s Donetsk Region, has become the center of pro-federalization rallies in the country after locals refused to accept the legitimacy of the coup-imposed regime that came to power in Kiev in February.

FACTBOX: Slaviansk, Ukraine
2014-04-24 08:22:31
Slaviansk, a city of 130,000 in Ukraine?s Donetsk Region and the site of major pro-federalization rallies since last month, was initially founded as a fortress in 1676.

US Shale Gas Will Head to Asia, Not Europe ? Russian EU Envoy
2014-04-24 07:54:47
The European market for US shale gas is unlikely to yield big profits as Europeans would have to raise prices to withstand competition from Asia, Russian EU envoy Vladimir Chizhov said Thursday.

US Should Demand Kiev Take Responsibility for Events in Ukraine ? Lavrov
2014-04-24 07:44:44
The United States can and must force the new Ukrainian authorities to realize their responsibility for what is happening in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday.

US Prevents Unity Gov't in Ukraine by Protecting Kiev Regime ? Lavrov
2014-04-24 07:39:31
Washington?s protection of the coup-imposed Kiev authorities is holding back the formation of a national unity government in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday.

OSCE Military Observers at Ukraine-Russia Border ? Kiev?s Security Service
2014-04-24 07:26:12
A group of OSCE military observers is present at a Ukrainian checkpoint at the border with Russia that is surrounded by federalization supporters, the press center of the Ukrainian Security Service said Thursday.

Clashes in Slaviansk Caused by Kiev?s Irresponsible Policy ? Lavrov
2014-04-24 07:03:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday that deadly clashes in Slaviansk and Mariupol are the result of Kiev?s irresponsible policies that rely on extremism.

Slaviansk Still Out of Control, Special Op Continues ? Kiev
2014-04-24 06:54:09
The situation in eastern Ukraine?s Slaviansk remains out of control, so a special operation by authorities continues, the country?s Security Service said Thursday without disclosing details of the operation.

Kiev Must Start Internal Dialogue to Settle Conflict ? Putin
2014-04-24 06:38:27
The authorities in Ukraine should start dialogue within the country and not legalize radical organizations in order to settle the conflict in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

OPINION: US Never Tried to Persuade Kiev to Follow Geneva Roadmap
2014-04-24 06:34:49
The US has done nothing to persuade Kiev authorities to follow the agreement reached in Geneva last week to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine, Jon Hellevig, co-author of the book ?Putin's New Russia,? told RIA Novosti.

Kiev Deploying Army Against Ukrainians Would Be Serious Crime ? Putin
2014-04-24 06:25:40
If Kiev has actually deployed its army in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slaviansk, then that is a serious crime against its own people, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Ukraine?s Naftogaz Halves Gazprom Gas Imports in 2013
2014-04-24 06:20:19
Ukrainian state-run gas company Naftogaz cut by half imports of natural gas from Russia?s Gazprom last year as compared to the year before, Naftogaz told the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency.

Armored Vehicles Moving Towards Slaviansk, Federalists Ready for Defense
2014-04-24 05:47:11
Two columns of Ukrainian military armored vehicles are advancing towards Slaviansk, People?s Mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev said in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel Thursday.

Protesters Rally Against Foreign Loans Outside National Bank in Kiev
2014-04-24 05:37:47
Hundreds of Ukrainians gathered outside the building of the National Bank in Kiev on Thursday, demanding the cancellation of deals on foreign currency loans to the crisis-hit country, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

CCTV China view all

Death toll rises to 171 in S.Korean ferry disaster
2014-04-24 07:58:55
Death toll from a sunken South Korean ferry rose to 171 on Thursday, but bodies recovered from the ship grew at a slower pace as search operations were hampered by unexpectedly swift currents.

3 American dotors killed in attack on Afghan hospital
2014-04-24 06:55:00
An Afghan security guard opened fire in a hospital in the capital Kabul, reportedly killing three American doctors on Thursday.

Death toll rises to 171 in S.Korean ferry sinking disaster
2014-04-24 02:13:56
Death toll in South Korea's ferry sinking disaster continued to rise to 171 on Thursday, but those recovered from the sunken ferry grew at a relatively slower pace as search operations were hampered by the unexpectedly swift currents.

Death toll rises to 162 in S.Korean ferry sinking disaster
2014-04-23 22:28:58
Death toll in the South Korean ferry sinking disaster rose to 162 on Thursday as search operations became faster amid favorable climatic conditions.

Search for missing Malaysian aircraft continues despite challenging weather
2014-04-23 20:13:57

Edward Snowden initiated as Glasgow University rector
2014-04-23 19:04:45
U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden was on Wednesday officially initiated as the student rector of the University of Glasgow.

Japan's parliament OKs bill to ratify arms trade treaty
2014-04-23 07:00:21
Japan's House of Councilors on Wednesday approved a bill to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), Kyodo News agency reported.

Unidentified material washed ashore south of Perth: JACC
2014-04-23 06:54:27
Western Australia Police have attended a report of material washed ashore 10 kilometers east of Augusta, south of Perth, and have secured the material, the Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) said Wednesday afternoon.

Death toll surges to 150 in S.Korean ferry sinking accident
2014-04-23 05:54:14
Death toll in the South Korean ferry sinking accident continued to rise to 150 on Wednesday as hundreds of divers were searching inside the submerged vessel along guideline ropes amid favorable weather conditions.

U.S. President Obama arrives in Japan on 4-nation Asian trip
2014-04-23 05:50:02
U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday arrived in Japan, the first leg of his four-nation Asian trip.

Unidentified material washed ashore south of Perth: JACC
2014-04-23 05:43:57
Western Australia Police have attended a report of material washed ashore 10 kilometers east of Augusta, south of Perth, and have secured the material, the Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) said Wednesday afternoon.

Death toll rises to 150 in sunken S.Korean ferry disaster
2014-04-23 00:59:01
Death toll from a sunken South Korean ferry rose to 150 on Wednesday as hundreds of divers speed up the grim task of recovering bodies from the submerged vessel.

Death toll rises to 128 in sunken S.Korean ferry disaster
2014-04-22 20:50:01
Death toll in South Korean sunken ferry accident rose to 128 on Wednesday morning as hundreds of divers searched inside the submerged vessel.

Yasukuni Shrine visits face strong criticism in Japan
2014-04-22 18:54:14
The chief of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)'s coalition ally on Tuesday admonished the visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine by Cabinet ministers and throngs of lawmakers on Tuesday, describing the homage as " undesirable."

Death toll surges to 121 in S.Korean ferry sinking accident
2014-04-22 18:49:59
Death toll in the South Korean ferry sinking accident surged on Tuesday night to 121 as divers were intensively searching inside the submerged hull.

U.S. vice president meets Ukrainian leaders over crisis
2014-04-22 18:19:59
Ukrainian acting President Alexandr Turchynov met U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday to discuss ways out of the eastern European country's crisis, the parliament's press service said.

5 killed in gas station blast in Ukraine
2014-04-22 08:05:37
At least five people were killed and five others injured in a gas station explosion in Ukraine's northern Kiev region on Tuesday, authorities said.

Death toll surges to 113 in S.Korean ferry sinking accident
2014-04-22 07:40:00
Death toll in the South Korean ferry sinking accident surged on Tuesday night to 113 as divers were intensively searching inside the submerged hull.

China urges Philippines to find hostage solution: FM
2014-04-22 07:18:46
China will continue to urge the Philippines to find a solution to the 2010 Manila hostage crisis which left eight Hong Kong tourists dead, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

Live cross: New bodies recovered on third, fourth floors
2014-04-22 06:44:03
Shane Hahm

Philippines hopes Estrada's visit to HK to bring closure to hostage crisis
2014-04-22 06:43:59
Philippine government officials expressed on Tuesday hope that the trip of former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada to Hong Kong would strengthen the efforts of the national government to find a mutually acceptable and satisfactorily closure to the Hong Kong hostage crisis of 2010.

Chinese, Australian vessels expand search area for missing Malaysian jet
2014-04-22 04:14:04
Chinese and Australian vessels will focus their search efforts in an expanded sea area in the next three days for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Death toll surges to 108 in S. Korean ferry sinking accident
2014-04-22 04:08:59
Death toll in the South Korean ferry sinking accident surged on Tuesday afternoon to 108 as divers were intensively searching inside the submerged hull.

Planned air search suspended due to poor weather: JACC
2014-04-21 21:53:33
Planned air search activities had been suspended for Tuesday due to poor weather conditions in the search area as a result of Tropical Cyclone Jack, the Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) confirmed.

Death toll surges to 104 in S.Korean ferry sinking accident
2014-04-21 21:39:01
Death toll in a South Korean ferry sinking accident surged to 104 on Tuesday morning as 17 bodies were pulled out of the submerged vessel during overnight search operations.

About 150 Japanese lawmakers visit notorious Yasukuni Shrine
2014-04-21 20:29:02
About 150 Japanese lawmakers from a nonpartisan group on Tuesday morning visited the notorious Yasukuni Shrine during the spring festival.

Dollar climbs against yen on weak Japan trade data
2014-04-21 20:09:01
The U.S. dollar advanced against most major currencies including the yen Monday after data showed Japan's trade deficit widened in March.

Death toll surges to 99 in S.Korean ferry sinking accident
2014-04-21 19:54:31
Death toll in a South Korean ferry sinking accident surged to 99 on Tuesday as more bodies were pulled out of the submerged vessel during overnight search operations.

Search continues with nothing found by Bluefin 21: JACC
2014-04-21 19:35:01
A total of 10 aircraft and 10 ships will assist in Tuesday's search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, and Bluefin 21 has completed its mission nine with nothing found, the Joint Agency Coordination Center ( JACC) confirmed on Tuesday.

Kerry urges Russia to help implement Ukraine deal
2014-04-21 19:04:50
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday urged Russia to "take concrete steps" to help implement the agreement aimed at defusing tensions in Ukraine.

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New Russia drills after Ukraine raid
2014-04-24 13:03:55
Russia announces new military exercises on its border with Ukraine, after Kiev orders troops to move against separatists in the east.

Kenyan officials wrangle over status
2014-04-24 12:57:24
Kenyan MPs propose making it a criminal offence to address an official incorrectly, the latest move in a status struggle with newly created governors.

Ramires banned for four matches
2014-04-24 12:56:18
Chelsea midfielder accepts the Football Association's charge of violent conduct for fracas in defeat to Sunderland.

Mother charged with three murders
2014-04-24 12:50:09
A mother is charged with murdering three of her children who were found dead at their home in south-west London.

Netanyahu: Abbas must end Hamas pact
2014-04-24 12:17:16
Israeli PM Netanyahu tells the BBC Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas must abandon his pact with Hamas if he wants peace talks to resume.

Third Hobbit film title changed
2014-04-24 12:11:26
Director Peter Jackson reveals he has changed the title of the final film in his Hobbit trilogy from There and Back Again to The Battle of the Five Armies.

Deadly air strike on Syria market
2014-04-24 12:06:14
A Syrian government air strike on a market in a rebel-held town in Aleppo kills more than 20 people, activist groups say.

John Paul II crucifix crushes man
2014-04-24 11:51:35
A 21-year old man has been crushed to death by a crucifix erected in honour of Pope John Paul II in northern Italy.

South Sudan treason charges dropped
2014-04-24 11:39:05
South Sudan withdraws charges against four top politicians accused of the alleged coup plot that triggered the civil war.

Israel to suspend Palestinian talks
2014-04-24 11:38:19
Israel has suspended peace talks with the Palestinians in response to a unity deal between the rival Hamas and Fatah factions.

Crime falls 15% in England and Wales
2014-04-24 11:30:39
Overall crime in England and Wales falls by 15% in 2013, an official survey shows - but there are signs, according to police figures, of rises in certain categories.

Alstom shares jump on GE bid report
2014-04-24 11:26:18
Shares in French engineering company Alstom jump after a report that US multinational General Electric is in talks to buy Alstom for $13bn.

Barclays wins pay package vote
2014-04-24 11:24:31
Barclays shareholders vote to approve the bank's remuneration package, which includes higher bonuses despite a 30% fall in profits.

Crisis loosens Franco-German bond
2014-04-24 11:08:23
Germany leaves France behind - how will voters react?

US seeks e-cigarette restrictions
2014-04-24 10:51:11
The US Food and Drug Administration is seeking minimum age restrictions and warnings on e-cigarettes because of uncertainties over their impact on health.

VIDEO: Bollywood heads to America
2014-04-24 10:43:13
For the first time the International Indian Film Academy awards will be held in the United States.

VIDEO: Dhaka victims wait for compensation
2014-04-24 10:41:27
Many survivors of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka are still waiting for compensation after the tragedy in 2013 that killed 1,129 workers.

VIDEO: Sudan hopes for bird-watching boost
2014-04-24 10:34:06
Environmental campaigners in Sudan are promoting the country as a tourist destination for bird watchers in a bid to boost revenue, which could then be used to protect nesting sites and rare birds from extinction.

Russia extends Navalny house arrest
2014-04-24 10:26:24
A Moscow court extends the house arrest of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny by another six months for violating its conditions.

Benfica v Juventus
2014-04-24 10:22:04
Preview followed by live coverage of Thursday's Europa League game between Benfica and Juventus.

Astrotourism skyrockets in Chile
2014-04-24 09:46:12
Why tourists are flocking to Chile's observatories

VIDEO: Obama urges end to island row
2014-04-24 09:10:04
US President Barack Obama has reaffirmed his support for Japan in its row over islands with China, after talks with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Buddha tattoo woman offered holiday
2014-04-24 09:09:17
A British tourist arrested in Sri Lanka because she had a Buddha tattoo says she has been given a free holiday as an 'apology'.

Police make Syria plea to UK women
2014-04-24 09:08:04
British counter-terrorism police chiefs make an unprecedented appeal to Muslim women to persuade their relatives against travelling to Syria to fight in the civil war.

Blood 'is not from headless king'
2014-04-24 09:07:24
An elaborately decorated gourd thought to contain the blood of French King Louis XVI may not be authentic, scientists say.

Widow of Slipknot bassist testifies
2014-04-24 08:47:32
Paul Gray's wife, Brenna, says she raised concerns about his drug use with his doctor, who is on trial for involuntary manslaughter.

Banksy street works to be auctioned
2014-04-24 08:34:25
A collection of street art works by Banksy, removed from walls, is to go on display at a London hotel before being sold at auction.

Executions upheld in 'secrecy' row
2014-04-24 08:33:22
Oklahoma's high court rules two on death row have no right to learn the source of the lethal injection drugs, clearing the way for their execution.

Abdullah leads Afghan poll count
2014-04-24 08:29:42
Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah remains the frontrunner with 80% of votes counted, although a run-off vote next month is expected.

Corrie star denies drink-driving
2014-04-24 08:26:45
Coronation Street actress Barbara Knox, who plays Rita Tanner in the ITV soap opera, denies a drinking and driving charge in court.

Al Jazeera Middle East view all

Marshall Islands sues nuclear powers
2014-04-24 12:18:12
The Marshall Islands has accused the US and eight other nations of "flagrant violations" of international nuclear law.

India votes on second biggest polling day
2014-04-24 11:42:07
Eleven states and a union territory vote for 117 seats in parliamentary elections that ruling Congress party may lose.

Israel suspends peace talks with Palestinians
2014-04-24 11:12:34
Talks halted in response to a new unity agreement between rival Palestinian factions.

Pakistani jets attack Taliban bases
2014-04-24 10:54:42
Scores killed in a Pakistani military operation targeting "terrorist hideouts" in remote Khyber tribal area.

Pakistan jets attack rebel border bases
2014-04-24 10:32:16
Operation near Afghanistan border comes as government attempts to re-engage Pakistani Taliban in peace talks.

Afghan election run-off looks likely
2014-04-24 09:38:38
Abdullah Abdullah is in the lead as votes are tallied in presidential election but a clear winner seems unlikely.

Ukraine forces move in on rebel stronghold
2014-04-24 09:25:37
Government reports up to five "terrorists" die as Russia orders military exercises around the Ukrainian border.

New MERS deaths reported in Saudi Arabia
2014-04-24 09:13:29
Total number of victims in the kingdom since September 2012 reaches 83, with most new cases in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Guard kills US doctors in Kabul hospital
2014-04-24 08:36:00
A police guard opens fire at an international hospital in Afghanistan's capital, killing at least three Americans.

UN fund pays $990m in Kuwait compensation
2014-04-24 08:08:21
United Nations panel that settles claims for damages resulting from Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait makes new payment.

Dallas shock Spurs to draw level
2014-04-24 05:51:37
Spurs' Gregg Popovich receives third Coach of the Year trophy but Dallas win to even the Western Conference series.

Obama backs Japan in islands row with China
2014-04-24 05:49:59
US president says islands at centre of Sino-Japanese dispute are Japanese and fall under terms of US-Japan defence pact.

S Sudan rebels say closing in on oil fields
2014-04-24 05:40:28
Riek Machar's fighters claim to be closing in on two state capitals and predict collapse of Salva Kiir's government.

Ukraine rivals clash as US blames Russia
2014-04-24 05:32:16
Confrontations reported by Kiev government as US president accuses Russia of going against spirit of Geneva deal.

Modi files nomination from Indian temple city
2014-04-24 04:44:03
Opposition BJP's PM candidate, who is also contesting from Vadodara, files nomination papers from Varanasi.

Guard kills foreigners in Kabul hospital
2014-04-24 03:27:57
A police guard opens fire at an international hospital in Afghanistan's capital, killing at least three foreigners.

Security Council must act on Syria: UN chief
2014-04-24 00:52:07
Ban Ki-moon says failure of warring parties to provide access is flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

US: Russia failing to abide by Ukraine deal
2014-04-24 00:50:11
President Obama says Moscow goes against spirit of Geneva agreement, and that he is considering new sanctions.

UK asks Muslim women to help curb Syria trips
2014-04-24 00:30:22
Police reach out to wives, mothers and sisters in drive to stop young British men travelling to and fighting in Syria.

China frees Japanese cargo ship in $28m deal
2014-04-24 00:30:04
Seizure, relating to unpaid compensation for Chinese ships leased in 1936, sparked Japanese formal diplomatic complaint.

Russia tells Ukraine to pull back troops
2014-04-23 23:49:10
Moscow insists that Kiev pull back its troops from eastern Ukraine, as it accuses Washington of distorting Geneva pact.

US and France press UN for S Sudan sanctions
2014-04-23 22:00:40
Diplomats urge United Nations to consider sanctions on South Sudan's warring parties as violence escalates.

US court rejects death row inmates' claims
2014-04-23 21:56:13
Oklahoma Supreme Court lifts stay of execution on death row inmates who questioned drug secrecy.

UK police in Syria appeal to Muslim women
2014-04-23 19:20:36
Britain's counter-terrorism police reach out to Muslim women in campaign to stop young Britons from fighting in Syria.

Obama seeks to reassure partners on Asia trip
2014-04-23 16:37:54
Islands at centre of China-Japan row are covered by US-Japan defence alliance, US president says as he leaves for Tokyo.

Bomb kills police general in Cairo
2014-04-23 15:49:53
Egyptian police brigadier general killed after a bomb explodes under his car, in the fifth targeted attack in a week.

Palestinian factions to form unity government
2014-04-23 15:08:37
Palestinian leaders in Gaza reach agreement to form a national unity government ending seven-year rift.

US lays charges in Syria smuggling scheme
2014-04-23 14:33:07
Three men have been accused of illegally shipping goods to Syria through other countries for nine years.

Shutdown on the world's highest mountain
2014-04-23 13:45:42
Local guides are refusing to take climbers up Mt. Everest after the deaths of at least 13 of their colleagues.

Scores killed in DR Congo train crash
2014-04-23 13:15:30
A government spokesman says at least 57 people have died in a rail accident in the country's southeast.

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Israel halts Middle East peace talks over Hamas deal
2014-04-24 10:20:12
Israel said on Thursday it was suspending Middle-East peace talks in response to a unity deal struck between the Palestinian leadership and the Islamist group Hamas, which does not recognise the right of Israel to exist.

Russia orders military drills as Ukraine moves on separatists
2014-04-24 10:15:15
Russia announced on Thursday that it had ordered military exercises along its border with Ukraine following moves by Ukrainian government forces against pro-Russian separatists occupying public buildings in the country?s east.

Platini: PSG in danger over Financial Fair Play rules
2014-04-24 09:37:06
French football club Paris Saint-Germain could be in danger of falling foul of UEFA?s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, the organisation?s head Michel Platini has admitted.

Ukraine troops launch assault on rebel stronghold, take checkpoint
2014-04-24 04:44:14
Ukrainian troops on Thursday launched an assault on the eastern rebel stronghold of Slaviansk, taking control of a checkpoint north of the city and prompting rebels to evacuate civilians from the occupied city hall and take up defensive positions.

Ségolène Royal denies banning cleavage at French ministry
2014-04-24 03:35:27
Ségolène Royal, French President François Hollande's former partner and the mother of his four children, has denied claims she ordered female staff at the Environment Ministry to "dress appropriately" and avoid revealing tops.

Afghan guard kills US doctors in Kabul hospital attack
2014-04-24 02:07:12
A guard at a children's hospital in the Afghan capital of Kabul opened fire on the staff on Thursday morning, killing three American doctors and wounding two others, according to officials.

US would defend Japan in islands dispute, Obama says
2014-04-24 01:44:18
President Barack Obama on Thursday said that the US would be obligated to defend Tokyo if tensions with Beijing escalate militarily over a disputed set of islands, but urged both parties to resolve the long-running dispute peacefully.

Video: Mayor in east Ukraine ready ?to turn Slaviansk into battlefield?
2014-04-24 00:45:23
The self-proclaimed mayor of Slaviansk in Ukraine?s east remains firm on fighting any Kiev attempt to try to recapture the city, saying that he is prepared to turn the separatist stronghold into a battlefield if necessary.

Millions of Syrians desperately need aid, says UN
2014-04-23 22:13:08
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says almost 3.5 million civilians in Syria are in a desperate situation and have virtually no access to humanitarian aid.

Muslims in CAR pray for an escape route
2014-04-23 17:43:28
Hundreds of Muslims are trapped in a slum in the Central African Republic's capital, Bangui. After months of brutal sectarian violence, they desperately want to leave the country.

Madrid beat Bayern 1-0 in first leg of Champions League semis
2014-04-23 15:52:35
A single goal by French footballer Karim Benzeman was enough for home team Real Madrid to claim victory over Bayern Munich in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final on Wednesday.

Britain's ex-PM Blair warns against spread of radical Islam
2014-04-23 14:56:27
Western leaders should set aside their differences and instead focus on the common threat posed by Islamist extremism, Britain's former prime minister Tony Blair said in a speech Wednesday in London.

New far-right mayor moves to quash Paris region mosque
2014-04-23 11:12:51
The recently elected far-right mayor of a Parisian suburb has not wasted any time in following through on one of his campaign promises: upend a project for a new mosque.

Fatah, Hamas agree to form Palestinian unity government
2014-04-23 09:31:17
The rival Palestinian leaderships of Fatah and Hamas made a fresh attempt Wednesday to overcome their political divisions, announcing that they would seek to form a unity government within five weeks.

US soldiers arrive in Poland as Ukraine crisis continues
2014-04-23 08:37:20
The first contingent of US Army paratroopers has landed in Poland for military exercises amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine.

Turkish PM offers condolences to descendants of Armenians killed in 1915
2014-04-23 08:22:11
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday offered condolences to the descendants of victims of the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman troops during World War I.

Gay marriage, one year on: ?French civilisation did not crumble?
2014-04-23 07:22:10
On Tuesday, one day before the one-year anniversary of the legalisation of gay marriage and adoption in France, French politician Jean-Luc Romero tweeted: ?Our civilisation did not crumble, despite the alarmist predictions.?

In pictures: Violent protests erupt in Rio
2014-04-23 04:10:08
Violent protests erupted in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday after the death of a 25-year-old man who was allegedly beaten by police.

Chelsea, Atletico draw 0-0 in first leg of Champions League semis
2014-04-23 01:54:21
Atletico Madrid and Chelsea will have it all to play for when they meet in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final in London next week after drawing 0-0 in the first leg at the Vicente Calderon on Tuesday.

Violent protests erupt in Rio de Janeiro
2014-04-22 21:12:38
Violent protests erupted in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday after the death of a 25-year-old man who was allegedly beaten by police.

Ukraine relaunches offensive in the east after politican 'tortured'
2014-04-22 15:56:57
Ukraine's acting President Oleksandr Turchinov called for "anti-terrorist" operations in the east of the country to resume after the body of a local politician from his own party was found Tuesday showing signs of torture.

Echoes of 2pac and Biggie? French rap feud turns violent
2014-04-22 14:17:16
A French rap star was placed in custody on Tuesday after a brawl at a Paris shop owned by a rival rapper left a young man fighting for his life in the latest chapter of an ongoing feud between two of the music genre?s biggest names.

French hostage Gilberto Rodrigues Leal has died, Islamists say
2014-04-22 13:45:10
French national Gilberto Rodrigues Leal, who was held hostage in Mali since being kidnapped in November 2012, has died, the MUJAO Islamist group said Tuesday.

'Pope-mania' hits John Paul II's Polish hometown
2014-04-22 08:22:52
Pope Jean Paul II, the first and only Polish pope, who worked hard to bring an end to communism, will soon be canonised as a saint. In Poland, where more than 80% of the population are Catholic, people are preparing to celebrate. Our team went to Wadowice, the town where he was born, to find out more about Jean Paul II from the time when he was known as Karol Wojtyla.

US says Russia must act 'without delay' to ease Ukraine tensions
2014-04-22 08:04:43
US Vice President Joe Biden called on Russian leaders Tuesday "to act on the commitments that they made" in Geneva last week to urge pro-Russian separatists to vacate the government buildings and checkpoints they have seized in east Ukraine.

New anti-radicalisation plans aimed at fighting jihadism
2014-04-22 06:37:09
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve (pictured) will submit an anti-radicalisation plan to the cabinet on Wednesday aimed at stopping youths from joining jihadist groups in Syria.

David Moyes sacked by Man United after just 10 months
2014-04-22 03:02:07
David Moyes has been sacked by Manchester United only 10 months after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford, paying the ultimate price for a hugely disappointing season at the club.

Photos link ?little green men? in Ukraine to Russian troops
2014-04-22 02:45:08
The US State Department acknowledged Monday that images, supplied by Ukrainian diplomats, of unidentified armed men in eastern Ukraine are linked to Russian special forces that have operated in Crimea this year and Georgia in 2008.

Court orders US to release memos on drone strikes
2014-04-22 02:28:42
A federal appeals court ordered the US Department of Justice on Monday to turn over key portions of a memorandum justifying the government?s targeted use of drones to kill terror suspects, including Americans.

US probes new claims of chemical weapons use in Syria
2014-04-21 20:15:10
The United States has ?indications? that the toxic chemical chlorine was used in an attack in Syria earlier this month and is looking into allegations that the Syrian government was responsible, the State Department said on Monday.