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Australian PM: Police foil public execution terror plot
2014-09-18 19:08:08
Australian authorities disrupted what they described as a pending attack "on a member of the public," part of a sweeping counterterrorism operation on Thursday that came just days after the country raised its terror alert level to high.

Polls close in Scotland
2014-09-18 18:55:36
Scotland's voters are heading to the polls to cast their ballots in the country's landmark independence referendum.

U.S. gives Poroshenko support, no arms
2014-09-18 18:54:32
The White House on Thursday announced $46 million in security assistance to Ukraine that omitted any lethal aid. The package includes body armor, helmets, vehicles and night vision goggles.

Hostage used by ISIS to send message
2014-09-18 18:47:28
British journalist John Cantlie hadn't been seen in nearly two years. Now, he's the latest hostage to be paraded out by ISIS -- forced to deliver the group's message.

Hagel: U.S. military leaders sign off on plan to strike ISIS in Syria
2014-09-18 14:20:47
While ISIS militants keep trying to spread their radical Islamist rule in Syria and Iraq, a slew of U.S. officials are scrambling to find the best way to stop them.

Life in 'Ebola country'
2014-09-18 11:16:57
Funerals, ghost towns and haunted health workers. This is life in the Ebola zone. CNN's Nima Elbagir reports.

Is this the happiest place on earth?
2014-09-18 10:52:29
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta travels to Denmark to understand why it ranks so high when it comes to life satisfaction and happiness.

Nigerian college attack kills 13
2014-09-18 09:17:29
Two gunmen set off explosives at a Nigerian college, then started shooting -- killing at least 13 people on another day of violence in the African nation, and yet another targeting students.

Skeletons found 'holding hands' after 700 years
2014-09-18 09:15:52
Even death couldn't part two skeletons excavated from a lost chapel in an English county, found with their fingers entwined.

There she is ... Miss America
2014-09-18 09:06:44
Hmm, there must be something in the water in New York.

How the 'Islamic State' is run, from oil to beheadings
2014-09-18 08:11:10
Put yourself in the shoes (and sixth-century black robes) of ISIS' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the mysterious boss of the terror group that is striking fear into the hearts of leaders around the world.

Ebola survivors' blood sells on black market
2014-09-18 08:09:42
As hospitals in the hardest-hit nations struggle to keep up, desperate patients are turning to the black market to buy blood from Ebola survivors, the WHO warned.

What's the world's sexiest accent?
2014-09-18 08:08:18
The Scots are talking a lot this week -- perhaps you've heard a little something about an independence referendum -- and that makes us happy.

From space race to space war
2014-09-18 07:06:12
Rachel Crane talks with SpaceX's Elon Musk about his company's recent NASA contract and the brewing battle with Boeing.

Venezuela's breast implant shortage
2014-09-18 07:05:58
Currency controls have created a breast implant shortage in Venezuela. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

3-D skin scanning? Pretty freaky
2014-09-18 06:35:26
Virtual humans look just like us: Can you spot the difference?

Thai police name two in beach killings
2014-09-17 19:08:16
Two brothers are named in the investigation into the murder of British tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on a beach in Thailand.

Scotland's vote: What you need to know
2014-09-17 18:52:47
On September 18, Scots go to the polls to vote on the future of their country.

New ISIS video plays like movie trailer
2014-09-17 18:50:32
Slow-motion explosions, flames engulfing American troops, cameos from Presidents Bush and Obama: This is "Flames of War," a slick and ominous new video from the ISIS media center.

American detained on river near North Korea
2014-09-17 18:40:44
South Korean marines detained an American man on the bank of the Han River late Tuesday, a South Korean Defense Ministry official told CNN.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has aggressive cancer
2014-09-17 18:19:32
Dr. Zane Cohen said the Toronto mayor has a malignant liposarcoma, and a second biopsy on his tumor shows it is aggressive. Chemotherapy is to begin within days.

Baby in stroller falls on train tracks
2014-09-17 15:27:10
A surveillance camera captured footage of a baby in a stroller falling onto train tracks at a station in Australia.

Inside London Fashion Week
2014-09-17 14:16:14
The most quirky, compelling and quizzical pieces from the Spring/Summer 2015 collections.

Odile slams Mexican resorts
2014-09-17 13:52:33
The once-powerful Hurricane Odile weakened to a tropical storm as it worked its way across the Baja California peninsula early Tuesday.

China blacks out CNN's report
2014-09-17 11:57:18
The Chinese government blacked out CNN's signal during a report on a crackdown on Christians in Eastern China.

70 die in church collapse
2014-09-17 11:11:00
The death toll in last week's collapse of a guesthouse at a church run by a famous Nigerian preacher has risen to at least 70, a rescue agency official said Wednesday.

Man charged in 300,000 Nazi murders
2014-09-17 10:23:52
German prosecutors have charged a 93-year-old man with accessory to murder in at least 300,000 cases while working for the Nazis at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Rocket attack kills 10 amid shaky ceasefire in Ukraine, military says
2014-09-17 10:23:10
A rocket attack by pro-Russia rebels killed 10 civilians and injured 12 others in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, the Ukrainian military said. It was the latest report of violence amid a shaky ceasefire in the region.

U.S. helps Kurds push back ISIS
2014-09-17 10:22:38
ISIS plants hidden bombs and snipers as militants try to thwart the Kurds' advance in Iraq's Kurdish region. CNN witnesses the fighting as U.S. airstrikes hit ISIS positions.

ISIS bans math, social studies
2014-09-17 07:53:49
In swaths of Syria now controlled by ISIS, children can no longer study math or social studies. Sports are out of the question -- as are lessons about elections and democracy.

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Conservatives Praise Role of Former Labor Prime Minister Brown in Independence Campaign
2014-09-18 22:29:00
Former Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been praised for his contribution to the Scottish independence campaign by Conservative Minister for State for Scotland David Mundell.

West Dunbartonshire Says Yes to Independence
2014-09-18 22:14:00
Scots in the council area of West Dunbartonshire have been the second to say a resounding ?yes? to Scottish independence, with 54 percent supporting Scotland?s secession from the 307-year-old union, according to the newest results.

3-Day Quarantine Imposed in Sierra Leone to Slow Down Ebola
2014-09-18 22:02:00
The government of Sierra Leone, one of the three nations in West Africa that have found themselves at the center of Ebola outbreak, has imposed a three-day curfew to slow down the lethal virus disease, according to Agence France Press.

Scots in Inverclyde Vote Against Independence With 50.1%
2014-09-18 21:47:00
The Inverclyde council area, located in the west central Lowlands, has voted ?No? to Scottish independence, according to the reports released early Friday.

Western Isles Vote No in Scottish Independence Polls
2014-09-18 21:22:40
The Western Isles of the west coast of mainland Scotland have delivered a "no" vote in the Scottish referendum, according to the returns released early Friday.

Obama Refuses to Give Ukraine 'Special' Status of Non-NATO Ally
2014-09-18 20:19:00
US President Barack Obama on Thursday declined the initiative to give Ukraine a special status of a non-NATO ally, according to Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko as cited by CNN.

Chairman of Pro-Scottish Independence Campaign 'Remains Optimistic' About Result
2014-09-18 20:11:00
The Chairman of the pro-Scottish independence campaign, Dennis Canavan, told RIA Novosti in the early hours of Friday that he remains optimistic his side will win the Scottish independence referendum as counting across Scotland continues.

Clackmannanshire Says No to Scottish Independence
2014-09-18 19:54:00
The first official results in the historic council area of Clackmannanshire saw pro-unity supporters in the Scottish independence referendum win 54 to 46 percent, according to the local elections commission.

At Least 8 People Including 2 Children Killed in Florida Shooting
2014-09-18 19:49:00
At least six children and two adults have been killed in shooting in the town of Bell, northern Florida on Thursday, the local Sheriff's Office reported.

Police Investigating Cases of Electoral Fraud in Scotland?s Glasgow
2014-09-18 19:35:00
Glasgow police is probing allegations of electoral fraud at Scotland independence referendum, according to reports made in the early hours of Friday.

Observers Say Pro-Unity Vote Leads in Edinburgh
2014-09-18 19:13:00
Pro-unity supporters appear to be in the lead at the Scottish independence referendum in the nation's capital city of Edinburgh, the head of Russia's monitoring mission at the polls told RIA Novosti early Friday.

YouGov Scottish Referendum Poll Predicts ?No? Campaign Victory
2014-09-18 17:17:00
A Scottish referendum survey by pollster YouGov has predicted the 'No' campaign will win with a 54 percent majority.

First Ballot Boxes Arrive at Central Electoral Commission as Polls Close in Scotland
2014-09-18 16:33:00
First ballot boxes have started to arrive from polling stations across Scotland, a returning officer told RIA Novosti.

Arak Reactor Remains Issue of Concern at Iran, P5+1 Nuclear Talks: Russia
2014-09-18 16:13:00
The future of the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor remains one of the main obstacles at the nuclear talks between the P5+1 group of mediators and Tehran, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told RIA Novosti Thursday.

Obama Leaves Poroshenko?s Plea for Lethal Help Without Answer
2014-09-18 15:27:00
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko?s plea for lethal help at a US Congress meeting on Thursday was not answered by his US counterpart, despite the Ukrainian leader?s claim that the future of a ?free world? was at stake.

US Should Sanction Anyone Purchasing Oil From Islamic State: Congressman
2014-09-18 15:22:00
The administration of the US President Barack Obama should impose sanctions against anyone purchasing oil from the Islamic State (IS), California Congressman, Alan Lowenthal told RIA Novosti, following a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing with Secretary of State John Kerry.

UNSC Adopts Resolution Calling to Lift Border Restrictions on Ebola Affected Countries
2014-09-18 14:50:00
The United Nations Security Council adopted on Thursday a resolution that calls on countries to lift travel in spite of the border restrictions that have been imposed on countries, affected by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

White House Welcomes France?s Airstrikes Against IS, Says Contribution Significant
2014-09-18 14:48:00
The United States welcomed French President Francois Hollande's announcement that France will carry out airstrikes in Iraq, calling it a significant contribution to the ongoing combat with the Islamic State (IS), White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said at a briefing Thursday.

UN Proposes Emergency Health Mission as Ebola Cases Double Every 3 Weeks
2014-09-18 14:40:00
With the number of Ebola cases doubling every three weeks, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday proposed the Security Council to establish an emergency health mission to address the lethal threat.

Poll on Scotland?s Funding in Case of No Vote Shows Contradiction With UK Leaders 'Vow'
2014-09-18 13:25:00
Just days after the three main UK party leaders pledged to protect Scotland's funding in the event of a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum, a new poll has revealed 83 percent of Conservative MPs want to change it.

UN to Create Special Mission to Fight Ebola
2014-09-18 13:20:00
The United Nations (UN) plans to create a special mission to fight the deadly Ebola virus, currently spreading in Western Africa, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said on Thursday, as cited by Agence France-Presse.

Hollande: Conditions for Mistral Delivery to Russia Can be Met But Not at Current Stage
2014-09-18 12:56:00
The conditions, under which the first Mistral helicopter carrier will be shipped to Russia, can be met, but they are not in place yet, French President Francois Hollande said at a press conference Thursday.

Hollande: Western Economic Sanctions Come at a Price for Russia, Europe
2014-09-18 12:56:00
Western economic sanctions are taking their toll on Russia and the European Union and will be canceled once the Ukrainian crisis is settled, French President Francois Hollande said Thursday at a press conference.

France to Set Up Military Hospital in Guinea to Fight Ebola
2014-09-18 12:52:00
France is to set up a military hospital in Guinea, to help fight the Ebola outbreak, French President Francois Hollande said during the traditional press conference on Thursday.

Russian, Austrian Leaders Discuss Ukrainian Crisis, Russia-EU Relations
2014-09-18 12:41:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann discussed in a phone call on Thursday the situation in Ukraine and relations between Moscow and Brussels, the Kremlin said.

Malaysian IS Wife Says No Forced Marriage in Syria
2014-09-18 12:28:00
Life is "safe" for single women in Syria and no one will force you to get married unless you want to, a self-claimed wife of an Islamic State (IS) fighter writes on her Tumblr blog.

Slovak Foreign Minister Says "No" to NATO Bases in Country
2014-09-18 12:15:00
There will be no NATO bases in Slovakia, the country"s foreign minister Miroslav Lajcak announced on Thursday at the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Peter Susko told RIA Novosti.

Leaders of Luhansk People's Republic Could Take Part In Minsk Talks: Source
2014-09-18 11:58:00
The leaders of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) could participate in the tripartite meeting of the Ukraine-Russia-OSCE contact group on Friday, a source, familiar with the matter told RIA Novosti Thursday.

US Jobless Claims Fall to Second-Lowest Level in 14 Years
2014-09-18 11:56:00
The number of initial jobless claims in the United States has dropped by 36,000 to a seasonally adjusted 280,000 in the week ending September 13, which is the second-lowest level in 14 years, the US Labor Department stated on Thursday.

Latvia Misleads World About Its Human Rights Situation: Russian Foreign Ministry
2014-09-18 11:51:00
Latvia has misled the international community and its own people about the country's human rights situation, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a commentary, released Thursday.

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Maradona: I'm 53 going on 78
2014-09-18 19:33:47
Diego Maradona says he feels like he is 78 years old due to a life that "hasn't been normal".

Xi meets Indian vice president
2014-09-18 18:54:24
Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping met here Thursday with Indian Vice President Mamid Ansari, also chairman of the Rajya Sabha (the Upper House of Parliament).

China, India step up economic engagement despite border disputes
2014-09-18 18:50:01
The "Chinese Dragon" and the "Indian Elephant" are stepping up trade and investment engagement to forge a closer development partnership despite their border disputes left over by history.

China to open new route for Indian pilgrims to Tibet
2014-09-18 18:48:56
China will open a new route via the Himalayan Nathu La Pass for Indian pilgrims travelling to Tibet, visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Thursday.

Chinese, Indian presidents pledge cooperation
2014-09-18 18:45:11
Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping met Thursday here with his Indian counterpart Pranab Mukherjee, pledging to deepen cooperation and build strategic trust between the two Asian giants.

Obama pledges diplomatic resolution of Ukraine crisis
2014-09-18 18:24:23
U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday pledged continued efforts to seek a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis.

Votes counting starts for Scottish independence referendum
2014-09-18 18:20:01
The votes counting for the Scottish independence referendum started immediately after the ballots closed on Thursday night.

IS releases British hostage video
2014-09-18 18:18:10
A three-minute video has been released by the Islamic State (IS) Thursday afternoon, showing a British hostage, saying he would show some facts and truth in a series of programs.

Putin accuses West of breaching WTO rules, urges self-reliance
2014-09-18 11:53:39
The West's sanctions on Moscow violated the basic principles of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Russia should boost competitiveness in the real sector, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Historic independence referendum starts in Scotland
2014-09-18 02:24:26
The Scottish independence referendum officially started on early morning Thursday as polling stations opened for voting on the question "Should Scotland be an independent country?."

Xi visits Modi's home state, extends birthday wishes
2014-09-17 19:29:29
Wearing traditional Indian vest presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Modi's home state of Gujarat Wednesday, and extended wishes to his 64th birthday.

China's vice premier hails Sino-French economic ties, eyeing wider business opportunities
2014-09-17 19:18:11
China's Vice Premier Ma Kai has hailed the positive and fruitful economic and financial partnership between China and France, calling for a closer bilateral cooperation to harness wider business opportunities.

Supermassive black hole found in smallest galaxy: study
2014-09-17 19:18:11
An international team of researchers has found a supermassive black hole at the heart of an ultracompact dwarf galaxy, making this tiny galaxy the smallest ever found to host such a massive light-sucking object.

Chinese lab team arrives in Sierra Leone to curb Ebola epidemic
2014-09-17 19:03:12
A 59-member Chinese laboratory team, which comprises 30 doctors and 29 laboratory technicians with a mobile laboratory, arrived at the Lungi International Airport of Freetown, Sierra Leone on the early morning of Wednesday.

Obama reiterates no ground troops against IS
2014-09-17 18:54:26
U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday reiterated that the United States will not use ground troops against Iraq to fight against the Islamic State (IS).

British media join debate over Scotland's future ahead of historic vote
2014-09-17 18:50:21
The Scottish independence debate on Wednesday entered its final day of campaigning, while mainstream media in Britain started shifting their focus from political wrangling to voting details about the historic referendum.

Fed reaffirms highly accommodative stance of monetary policy
2014-09-17 18:49:02
The U.S. Federal Reserve reaffirmed on Wednesday that a highly accommodative stance of monetary policy remains appropriate and it decided to make a further measured reduction in the pace of its asset purchases.

U.S. House okay's Obama's plan to train, equip Syrian rebels
2014-09-17 18:45:07
The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved President Barack Obama's plan to train and equip Syrian rebels as part of efforts to fight the Islamic State militant group.

Boeing, SpaceX get NASA contracts to launch U.S. astronauts
2014-09-16 19:49:00
U.S. space agency NASA announced Tuesday that it has awarded contracts to Boeing and SpaceX to build commercial spaceships, a move which will send U.S. astronauts to space from American soil, ending U.S. dependence on Russian technology for rides.

New photos of Czechoslovak WW2 paratroopers on show in Prague
2014-09-16 19:40:01
An exhibition in Prague named Faces of the Courageous will unveil a set of the so far unknown portrait photographs of the paratroopers serving in the Czechoslovak military in Britain in World War Two, the photos were taken in the London headquarters of the Special Group D in 1941 AND 1942.

U.S. launches antidumping, countervailing duty probe against China's boltless steel shelving
2014-09-16 19:29:36
The U.S. Commerce Department announced Tuesday that it initiated anti-dumping duty (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations against imports of boltless steel shelving from China.

Scottish First Minister insists using pound if Scotland votes for independence
2014-09-16 19:24:28
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond on Tuesday night insisted an independent Scotland could not be prevented from using the pound.

Japan keeps 47 tons of plutonium as of 2013
2014-09-16 19:15:18
The Japanese government said Tuesday that the country's plutonium stockpile rose about 2.9 tons to 47.1 tons as of the end of last year, according to local media.

Israel, Palestinians reach deal on Gaza rehabilitation: UN envoy
2014-09-16 18:33:45
The UN Middle East envoy said on Tuesday that Israel and the Palestinians had reached a deal over the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, following Israel's recent seven-week offensive known as Protective Edge.

Russia to beef up military presence in Crimea
2014-09-16 18:29:34
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday that the deployment of troops in the Crimean direction has become a priority of the Southern military district.

U.S. ground troops not ruled out in fight against IS: Dempsey
2014-09-16 18:29:34
Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff said Tuesday that American ground troops could be called into battle against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria if circumstances require.

Former Norwegian PM praises China's climate policy
2014-09-16 04:09:29
Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg praised China's policy measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Human 'language gene' makes mice learn faster: study
2014-09-15 20:18:24
Mice that receive a "humanized " version of a speech and language gene exhibit accelerated learning, a new study said Monday.

Finnish performers attracted by growing Chinese festival circuit
2014-09-15 19:33:47
Young fans shouted the name of Finnish Goth rock outfit HIM as the latter did not emerge on the stage of a Strawberry Music Festival in Beijing due to bad weather conditions last May. It was the band's first tour to China.

German pilots union calls off planned strike
2014-09-15 19:29:45
The German pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) canceled on Monday evening the strike planned for Tuesday in Frankfurt.

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'No' leads in Scottish referendum
2014-09-18 22:40:57
The campaign to keep Scotland in the UK takes the most votes so far in the independence referendum, as counting continues across the country.

Referendum: Sterling up in Asia
2014-09-18 22:36:49
Sterling hits a two-year high against the euro and a two-week high against the US dollar in early Asian trade, as early counts suggest a "No" vote in the Scottish referendum.

Uzbek first daughter hires PR help
2014-09-18 22:00:49
London firm batting for fallen Uzbek first daughter

Eight dead in Florida house shooting
2014-09-18 21:22:26
A grandfather shot dead his daughter and her six children before taking his own life at a home in Bell, Florida, police say.

Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel
2014-09-18 20:48:00
Research that investigated why bananas are slippery when you step on them wins one of this year's Ig Nobel prizes.

Ebola 'threat to world security'
2014-09-18 20:10:52
The UN Security Council declares the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a threat to international peace and security.

Alibaba sets share price at $68
2014-09-18 19:52:57
Chinese online giant Alibaba prices its shares $68 ahead of the start of trading on Friday, making it one of the biggest stock market listings ever.

Iran 'must up IAEA co-operation'
2014-09-18 19:29:46
Western powers tell Iran that it must step up its co-operation with the world's nuclear watchdog if it wants a deal to ease sanctions.

Forest land rights need global focus
2014-09-18 19:21:47
Recognising the land rights of local people could provide cost-effective protection for many of the world's tropical forests, a report says.

Vigilantes tackle post-storm looting
2014-09-18 19:21:03
Vigilante groups in Mexico's Baja California Sur state set up patrols to try to stop looting in the aftermath of hurricane Odile.

Sierra Leone begins Ebola lockdown
2014-09-18 19:03:38
A three-day curfew imposed by Sierra Leone to try to stop the spread of Ebola comes into effect, but critics say it will achieve little.

Obama praises 'excellent' Poroshenko
2014-09-18 18:53:57
President Barack Obama has given his support to the visiting Petro Poroshenko, describing himself as a "strong friend" to Ukraine's leader.

Obama hails Congress vote on Syria
2014-09-18 18:48:52
President Obama says Congress's backing for his $500m plan to aid moderate Syrian rebels shows the world the US is united against Islamic State.

Just what exactly is Freudian?
2014-09-18 18:36:35
Just what exactly does the term Freudian mean?

My family and other ibex
2014-09-18 18:20:10
Why you're less likely to see an Alpine ibex than your parents were

The father of 26 preaching birth control
2014-09-18 18:19:25
The man with 26 children who's preaching birth control

Oracle boss Larry Ellison steps down
2014-09-18 18:14:29
Multi-billionaire Oracle boss Larry Ellison steps aside to focus on product engineering, as Mark Hurd and Safra Catz are named as co-chief executives.

VIDEO: Life in an iconic US resort town
2014-09-18 18:13:54
Is the American Dream alive in Palm Springs?

VIDEO: What you miss living in the wilderness
2014-09-18 18:12:42
What you miss when living off the grid

Polish theatre dedicated to Shakespeare
2014-09-18 18:07:46
Opening night for Shakespeare theatre... in Gdansk

Health services finances 'worsening'
2014-09-18 18:04:56
Supposedly-elite NHS foundation trusts in England are running up an overall deficit for the first time, the regulator is expected to say later.

Vote a big moment for golf - Davies
2014-09-18 18:01:15
Dame Laura Davies says a historic vote on female membership could be the catalyst to inspire a new generation of golfers.

$4.75m for US police race study
2014-09-18 17:42:42
A large grant has been given to a project studying police arrest data for racial bias, in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Missouri.

Senate backs arming Syria rebels
2014-09-18 17:38:31
The US Senate passes a bill authorising a plan to train and arm Syrian rebel groups to fight Islamic State (IS) militants.

US man denies supporting IS
2014-09-18 16:58:40
A man accused of planning to assist the Islamic State militant group and attempting to murder US soldiers has pleaded not guilty.

Racist flag unacceptable - Tottenham
2014-09-18 16:54:14
Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino describes the anti-Semitic banner displayed by Partizan Belgrade fans as unacceptable.

Everton 4-1 VfL Wolfsburg
2014-09-18 16:48:59
Everton make a winning return to European football as they beat Wolfsburg 4-1 in their Europa League Group H opener.

Ebola team 'found dead in Guinea'
2014-09-18 16:26:15
Officials in Guinea say they have found the bodies of several people thought to be part of a team of health workers and journalists who went missing earlier this week.

Mayor Rob Ford vows to beat cancer
2014-09-18 16:01:51
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford thanks his supporters and tells them he will beat the rare, aggressive cancer he was diagnosed with earlier this week.

Ukraine president urges US support
2014-09-18 15:47:02
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko calls on the US to provide military assistance to his country to counter pro-Russian eastern separatists.

Al Jazeera Middle East view all

No campaign leads Scotland vote count
2014-09-18 22:39:27
Regions including Clackmannanshire, Orkney and Shetland reject independence as ballots of epic referendum are counted.

Early lead for No campaign in Scotland vote
2014-09-18 20:07:38
First results from Clackmannanshire puts No campaign at 54 percent against 46 percent for the Yes vote.

US Congress backs plan to arm Syrian rebels
2014-09-18 18:46:25
Senate follows the House of Representatives in passing President Obama's plan to degrade and destroy the ISIL.

Kurds call for help to fight ISIL in Syria
2014-09-18 18:23:02
Turkish Kurds issue call to arms after Islamic State group fighters besiege Kurdish Syrian city in major assault.

Deaths as multiple bombs rock Baghdad
2014-09-18 17:36:42
At least 22 people are killed and 14 others injured after a series of suicide blasts rip through the Iraqi capital.

Scotland counts tight independence vote
2014-09-18 17:32:56
Outcome of referendum on whether Scotland will become independent or stay in the UK likely to be known by Friday morning

Deadly attack in Guinea on Ebola team
2014-09-18 16:29:45
Eight bodies, including of three journalists, found in remote village following attack on team trying to educate locals.

Nigeria abuse: will torture go unpunished?
2014-09-18 16:25:38
Amnesty International accuses security forces of carrying out 'shocking' torture and abuse in a climate of impunity.

WHO: 700 new Ebola cases emerge in one week
2014-09-18 15:53:42
Deaths in West Africa pass 2,600 as Sierra Leone prepares for unprecedented three-day lockdown to contain disease.

Bahrain activist Maryam al-Khawaja released
2014-09-18 15:53:28
Al-Khawaja out of prison but subject to travel ban and will face charges of assaulting a police officer.

Ukraine leader appeals to US for lethal aid
2014-09-18 15:49:49
President Petro Poroshenko tells US congress he needs lethal military aid as "war cannot be won with blankets."

ISIL releases new video of UK hostage
2014-09-18 15:12:33
Video purports to show journalist John Cantlie saying he will soon reveal "facts" to counter portrayal of ISIL in West.

France to strike ISIL in Iraq but not Syria
2014-09-18 14:50:35
President Hollande rules out ground troops in Iraq and says can't do anything in Syria that might help Bashar al-Assad.

Australia police raids foil 'beheading plot'
2014-09-18 10:07:51
Counter-terrorism operation to stop "demonstration killings" in public by ISIL supporters ends in 15 detentions.

Houthi rebels push into Yemeni capital
2014-09-18 10:03:38
Residents and officials say Shia fighters are advancing along Thalatheen Street, a major route into the city.

Liberia says world needs to do more on Ebola
2014-09-18 09:33:34
President Sirleaf welcomes US aid but warns Liberia needs more help as worst outbreak in history cripples the country.

Bangladesh passes law to impeach judges
2014-09-18 09:05:09
Controversial amendment allows parliament to impeach Supreme Court judges on grounds of "misbehavior or incapacity".

Australia makes raids to foil 'violent acts'
2014-09-18 08:49:32
Counter-terrorism operation to stop "demonstration killings" in public by ISIL supporters ends in arrests of 15 people.

Voting under way in Scotland referendum
2014-09-18 08:25:00
Excitement mounts as Scots vote in referendum on whether to break away from the UK and become independent.

US House backs plan to arm Syrian rebels
2014-09-18 08:04:33
Democrats and Republicans close ranks to vote 273 to 156 to approve Obama's train-and-equip plan meant to defeat ISIL.

Fiji's ex-coup leader heads for poll victory
2014-09-18 07:06:13
Early results indicate incumbent PM Frank Bainimarama's Fiji First Party has secured more than 59 percent of the vote.

Trial of Uighur scholar resumes in China
2014-09-18 06:59:04
Prominent academic Ilham Tohti faces 10 years to life in prison on charges rights activists dismiss as arbitrary.

Libyan parliament rejects new cabinet
2014-09-18 06:16:22
Abdullah al-Thinni, head of Tobruk-based government, had presented cabinet line-up with names of 16 ministers.

Trial of Uighur scholar resumes in Xinjiang
2014-09-18 06:15:48
Prominent academic Ilham Tohti faces 10 years to life in prison on charges human rights activists dismiss as arbitrary.

Libya meeting rejects military intervention
2014-09-18 04:03:04
Gathering in Madrid of ministers from Tobruk government and several nations comes as PM seeks approval for new cabinet.

Deaths in attack on Nigeria teachers' college
2014-09-18 01:01:23
At least 15 people killed in Kano city as suspected Boko Haram fighters set off explosions and open fire on students.

UK university starts Ebola vaccine tests
2014-09-17 20:13:09
Healthy British volunteer becomes first person to receive new vaccine for virus in a trial at the University of Oxford.

US lawmakers back plan to arm Syrian rebels
2014-09-17 17:27:11
House of Representatives vote 273 to 156 to approve President Obama's train-and-equip plan meant to defeat the ISIL.

Scotland hours away from historic vote
2014-09-17 17:05:44
Excitement mounts as Scotland prepares to hold referendum on whether to break away from the UK and become independent.

Al-Qaeda-inspired group claims Sinai attack
2014-09-17 15:37:32
Ansar Beit al-Maqdis publishes purported video of bomb attack that killed six soldiers in restive Sinai.

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After House, Senate approves Obama's plan to arm Syrian rebels
2014-09-18 19:19:54
The U.S. Senate approved President Barack Obama?s plan for training and arming moderate Syrian rebels to battle Islamic State militants on Thursday, a major part of his military campaign to ?degrade and destroy? the radical group.

US to send $53 million in non-lethal aid to Ukraine
2014-09-18 15:24:10
The US will send $53 million in aid, including $46 million in military assistance, to Ukraine?s military but declined a request from President Petro Poroshenko to send lethal aid to help in the battle against Russian-backed separatists.

Live: Follow Scotland?s historic vote from an Edinburgh pub
2014-09-18 13:55:06
The polls have closed and vote counting is under way in Scotland in a historic referendum on whether to declare independence from the United Kingdom. FRANCE 24 special correspondent Sam Ball sends live updates from an Edinburgh pub.

France's Hollande unveils plans for airstrikes in Iraq, battling Ebola
2014-09-18 12:25:56
At his biannual press conference on Thursday, French President François Hollande discussed his response to Islamist militants in Iraq, controversial plans to deliver a French warship to Russia and the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

In photos: Passion and pragmatism as Scotland votes
2014-09-18 10:07:16
After months of speeches, heated debates, and passionate pleas from politicians, celebrities and sports stars, the waiting is finally over.

Beleaguered Hollande faces fire at Paris press conference
2014-09-18 07:41:16
President François Hollande is holding his biannual press conference in Paris on Thursday following turbulent weeks that included a shock cabinet reshuffle and fiery allegations published in a tell-all memoir by former partner Valérie Trierweiler.

Combative independence icon Salmond divides Scottish 'Yes' camp
2014-09-18 05:06:46
At 6pm on a mild evening in the small town of Linlithgow, just outside of Edinburgh, the streets are quiet, most of the shops are already closed and the only signs of life are from commuters making their way home from the town?s train station.

Australian police arrest 15 in massive anti-terror raids
2014-09-18 01:18:55
Huge counterterrorism raids in Sydney on Thursday were sparked by security intelligence that the Islamic State movement was planning a random, violent attack in Australia as a demonstration of its reach, the prime minister said.

Dramatic British headlines greet Scotland?s ?D-Day?
2014-09-18 00:49:37
Britain's newspapers declared Thursday a "day of destiny" in dramatic front pages streaked with blue, white and red as Scotland votes on whether to split from the United Kingdom.

US Congress votes to arm Syrian rebels in fight against IS militants
2014-09-17 18:54:04
The US House of Representatives approved President Barack Obama's plan on Wednesday to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels in the fight against Islamic State (IS) group rebels, but questions remain on the strategy's effectiveness.

French MSF volunteer contracts Ebola in Liberia
2014-09-17 14:13:22
A French volunteer working for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) in Liberia has contracted the Ebola virus, the medical charity said in a statement on Wednesday.

No matter the outcome, ?Scotland will never be the same again?
2014-09-17 12:51:49
Just a day before Scotland votes on the most important decision to face the country in centuries, people in the capital Edinburgh, like the rest of the UK, await the outcome of the referendum with a tangible mix of hope, fear, and apprehension.

Baby euthanasia case spurs debate in France
2014-09-17 12:34:49
Parents of an extremely premature baby, currently in hospital in the city of Poitiers, have asked doctors to take their child off life support, or ?passive euthanasia?. The doctors, however, say they need more time to evaluate the baby?s condition.

'No fear', say Ajax ahead of PSG Champions League clash
2014-09-17 10:40:15
Ajax coach Frank de Boer has warned his players not to focus only on Zlatan Ibrahimovic when the Swedish international marks his return to Amsterdam to play against the club where he first made his mark.

France switches to Arabic ?Daesh? acronym for Islamic State
2014-09-17 05:56:43
The French government has come up with an answer to a point of persistent journalistic confusion ? how exactly does one refer to the Islamic State organisation brutally carving out a self-declared "caliphate" in Syria and northern Iraq?

France arrests six suspected of recruiting female jihadists
2014-09-17 05:13:20
Six people have been arrested near Lyon on suspicions of recruiting young women to join the Islamist militant groups fighting in Syria, France?s top security official said Wednesday.

French economy is 'sick', says new economy minister
2014-09-17 04:33:38
The French economy is "sick", new Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday, urging immediate reforms to tackle an unemployment rate surpassing 10 percent and stagnant growth.

Scotland's 'No' camp in slight lead on eve of referendum
2014-09-17 01:41:43
Opinion polls on the eve of a Scottish referendum on declaring independence from the United Kingdom suggest voters will reject independence by a narrow margin but the final outcome is still too close to call.

Ebola epidemic 'spiraling out of control', Obama warns
2014-09-17 01:20:34
President Barack Obama issued a global call to action to combat the Ebola crisis in West Africa on Tuesday, warning that the epidemic was "spiraling out of control" and could have "profound political, economic and security implications" for us all.

Scottish independence vote spurs Texan secessionists
2014-09-16 22:37:08
Thursday?s vote to decide whether Scotland should be independent of the United Kingdom has bolstered Texans campaigning to split the state from the United States.

Boeing, SpaceX win contracts to build 'space taxis' for NASA
2014-09-16 22:07:48
NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated ?space taxis? to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, ending U.S. dependence on Russia for rides, officials said on Tuesday.

UN brokers agreement to start Gaza rebuilding
2014-09-16 19:45:06
The United Nations has brokered an agreement to enable the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, giving a lead role to the Palestinian Authority while involving the private sector, the U.N.?s top Mideast envoy said Tuesday.

The unspoken US-Iranian alliance against IS militants
2014-09-16 15:22:45
While Iran was snubbed by the Americans and denied an invitation to join the broad international coalition against the group labeling itself the Islamic State, it?s a different story on the ground in Iraq.

'Mortar fired from Gaza into Israel'
2014-09-16 14:41:51
Israel said a mortar bomb was fired at it from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in the first such attack since a seven-week war in the enclave ended on August 26, but Hamas said Palestinians remained committed to the truce.

France's Socialist government wins confidence vote
2014-09-16 12:10:09
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Tuesday won a parliamentary confidence vote on the Socialist government?s economic policies in the wake of the cabinet reshuffle, giving him a platform to push through the tough reforms that have divided the left.

Key al Qaeda units urge jihad against US-led battle on IS
2014-09-16 07:33:43
Two key branches of al Qaeda in Yemen and North Africa called Tuesday for jihadists in Iraq and Syria to unite against the common threat from a US-led coalition.

France debates tough new anti-terror bill: what do the experts think?
2014-09-16 07:19:57
France's parliament on Monday began to debate a new anti-terrorism bill that aims to stop would-be jihadists from travelling to foreign battlefields. FRANCE 24 spoke with two security experts who said a new law was ?absolutely necessary?.

Ukraine ratifies EU trade pact in 'first step' towards membership
2014-09-16 06:32:50
The Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday ratified a landmark EU trade agreement that strengthens the former Soviet state's ties with the West, in what President Petro Poroshenko called a "first step" towards European Union membership.

Obama to send 3,000 military staff to battle Ebola in Africa
2014-09-16 01:03:03
The United States is preparing to send 3,000 US military personnel to provide medical and logistical support to the overwhelmed local healthcare systems struggling to contain an Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Embattled French government faces key 'confidence vote'
2014-09-16 00:45:46
France?s embattled Socialist government faces a crucial parliamentary confidence vote on Tuesday as the country battles political and economic crises and with President François Hollande's popularity at a record low.