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Chinese Consulate General Confirms Chinese Ship Wreckage off Japanese Coast
2014-10-01 00:35:57
Chinese Consulate General in Osaka has confirmed Chinese ship "LURONGYU 2859" sunk off Japan's Shimane prefecture, Xinhua agency reported Wednesday.

Arctic Council Needs Russia, to Continue Working With It
2014-09-30 19:25:00
The Arctic Council needs Russia, and is supportive of Moscow's continued engagement in its work, said Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr., US Special Representative to the Arctic said during the conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.

Russians Not Cancelling Tours to Hong Kong: Tour Operators Association
2014-09-30 16:26:50
Russian citizens are not yet cancelling their tours to Hong Kong seized with protests, Russian Association of Tour Operators said in a statement.

Syrian Clergy Calls for Ceasefire During Religious Holiday
2014-09-30 14:52:00
Syrian clergy from the opposition calls for a five-day ceasefire during the Eid al-Adha religious holiday, starting on Friday, the Arab online newspaper Elaph reported Tuesday.

South Sudan Agrees to Federal System of Government: Reports
2014-09-30 13:44:09
The East African Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD), which has been mediating peace talks in Ethiopia between the warring South Sudanese factions announced Tuesday that the sides had agreed on the establishment of a federal system of government, The ABC News reported.

HRW Condemns Civilian Attacks on Syrian Refugees
2014-09-30 13:27:32
Human Rights Watch has denounced Tuesday the recent attacks on Syrian refugees by Lebanese citizens, and the failure of Lebanese authorities to prevent such violence.

Social Network ?Ello? Rapidly Gains Popularity Among Facebook Critics
2014-09-30 13:04:20
A new social network, Ello, is positioning itself as the ?anti-Facebook? and is gaining more and more popularity every hour, Deutsche Welle reports.

Syria's Assad Says Countries Feeding Terrorism Unable to Fight It: Reports
2014-09-30 12:49:00
Terrorism in Syria cannot be combated by the countries, which feed it, Syrian President Bashar Assad said Tuesday.

UN Aid Official Points to Abuses by Armed Opposition Groups, Government in Syria
2014-09-30 12:39:00
Reporting on aid access in Syria on Tuesday, UN Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos described to the UN Security Council abuses by the government and armed opposition groups.

EU Failed Again to Break 'Vicious' Sanctions Circle: Russia's EU Envoy
2014-09-30 12:34:00
The European Union has failed again to break the vicious circle of sanction mentality by refusing to lift the current sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, Russia's Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said Tuesday.

Sanctions Against Russia
2014-09-30 12:34:00

Chinese Health Authorities Launch Campaign to Fight Dengue Fever Outbreak
2014-09-30 12:33:00
Chinese health authorities have launched a campaign to fight the current outbreak of dengue fever, which is believed to be the worst in 20 years, by outlining the major preventive measures against the disease, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday.

UK Conducts First Airstrikes Against IS Targets in Iraq: Reports
2014-09-30 12:31:00
British Tornado fighter jets have conducted first airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) targets in Iraq, Reuters reported Tuesday citing the UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

Pentagon Looking at Lower Intensity, Lower Cost Operations Against IS
2014-09-30 12:29:00
The Pentagon is primarily looking at lower intensity, lower cost military operations against Islamic State (IS) in the budget range of $2.4 to $3.8 billion per year, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment (CSBA) director, Todd Harrison told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

US Must Stay Engaged As Russia and China Stake Out Near Abroad: Deputy Defense Secretary
2014-09-30 12:18:00
The United States must stay engaged with Russia and China as both countries define their regional interests, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said at the Council on Foreign Relations on Tuesday.

More Than 10,000 Bolivian Students to Go on March Against Drugs
2014-09-30 11:53:00
More than 10,000 students from various educational institutions of Bolivia will stage a march in the country's capital on Tuesday, protesting against the use and traffic of illegal drugs, one of the worst problems the Bolivian society is facing today, Prensa Latina reported on Tuesday.

PACE Calls for Gender Equality in Post-Arab Spring States
2014-09-30 10:49:00
Three years after a wave of revolutions dubbed the "Arab Spring" swept across the Middle East, European parliamentarians on Tuesday once again drew attention to the deteriorating gender equality in the post-uprising Arab world during the PACE fall session.

Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
2014-09-30 10:28:00

Argentina Deposits $161 Mln Interest Payment With Local Trustee
2014-09-30 10:05:00
Argentina's Economy Ministry on Tuesday said it had deposited a $161 million worth of public debt interest payments with a newly-designated local trustee after a US court held the South American nation in contempt of its ruling.

Military Power Alone Unable to Defeat IS: Sunni Ideologist
2014-09-30 09:58:00
It will take more than just military power to defeat the Islamic State (IS) threat as their ideology may keep on thriving even if all the members of the terrorist group are eliminated, former ideologist of Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya Egyptian Sunni Islamist movement and current supporter of the renunciation of violence, Ibragim Nageh told Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency on Tuesday.

Dubai Police to Equip Officers with Google Glass
2014-09-30 09:40:00
Dubai police are planning to equip the police offers with Google Glass, in a bid to become the most technology-savvy force by 2018, al-Arabiya reports.

Twitter Bans Dozens of Pro-IS Accounts After Hostage Video Release: Reports
2014-09-30 09:39:00
Several dozens of Twitter accounts used by advocates of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group have been suspended following the uploading to the Web of another video showing seized British journalist John Cantlie, NBC News reported Tuesday.

Australian Elementary School Teacher Accused of Publishing Child Pornography
2014-09-30 09:35:28
A 58-year-old Sydney elementary school teacher has been arrested for possession and sharing of child pornography online, ABC news reports.

Armenian Parliament Postpones Discussion of Bill on Karabakh Independence Recognition
2014-09-30 09:05:00
Armenian Parliament has refused by a majority vote on Tuesday to include in the agenda of the day the discussion of the draft law, under which Yerevan could recognize the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR).

Catalan Authorities Call for Rally in Support of Independence Referendum
2014-09-30 08:57:00
Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has called on secessionists in the region to take to the streets protesting against Spanish Constitutional Court's decision to suspend the independence referendum in Catalonia, ANC President Carme Forcadell said on Tuesday.

US, EU Cities to Hold Rallies in Support of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement on October 1
2014-09-30 08:56:00
Protests in support of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement will take place in 10 European and six US cities on Wednesday, October 1, according to the Facebook page of the "United for Democracy: Global Solidarity With Hong Kong" group.

Iraqi Cultural Heritage Needs International Protection From Extremists: UNESCO
2014-09-30 08:39:00
The cultural heritage of Iraq, large parts of which are seized by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group is in urgent need of protection, UNESCO said in a press release published Tuesday.

Israel to Build ?Smart? Fence Around Gaza: Reports
2014-09-30 08:37:00
Israeli government decided to construct a "smart" fence around the Gaza Strip in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of Israel, the local media reported Tuesday.

Member of Moldova Delegation in PACE Calls for Investigation Into Kiev's War Crimes
2014-09-30 08:29:00
Moldovan politician, member of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Grigore Petrenco has called for a thorough investigation into military crimes committed by Ukraine's National Guard in southeastern Ukraine.

Japan Former Prime Ministers Call for Nuclear-Free Country During Rock Festival: Reports
2014-09-30 08:24:00
Former Japanese Prime Ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Morihiro Hosokawa have taken to the stage as anti-nuclear campaigners during the country's No Nukes 2014 rock festival, the Japan Times reported Tuesday.

New Case Launched Against Ukraine?s Ex-President Yanukovych: Chief Prosecutor
2014-09-30 07:41:00
A new criminal case on charges of abuse of office has been launched against ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, the country's Prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema said Tuesday.

Military Action Not Enough to Defeat IS: Syrian Opposition Leader
2014-09-30 07:39:00
Using military force against the Islamic State (IS) is not enough to destroy the extremist organization, Hadi Bahra, leader of a Syrian opposition group, told CNN on Tuesday.

Southern France Flooded, Government Declares State of Natural Disaster
2014-09-30 07:38:00
In the aftermath of massive floods affecting roughly 60 southern towns, France has declared a state of natural disaster, AFP reports.

Kurdish Militia Launches Offensive Against IS in Northern Iraq: Reports
2014-09-30 07:34:00
Kurdish Peshmerga troops have launched a large-scale offensive against the Islamic State (IS) jihadists in northern Iraq on Tuesday.

EU Condemns Violence in Yemen, Urges Sides to Honor Agreements
2014-09-30 07:33:00
The spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has lashed out at warring parties in Yemen over the breached ceasefire deal and demanded that they respect the authority of the government in Sanaa after the conflict showed no signs of abating on Tuesday.

Bill on Vetting of Officials Contradicts Ukrainian, Int?l Laws: Chief Prosecutor
2014-09-30 07:25:00
Ukraine's bill on vetting of officials contradicts domestic and international laws and will entail numerous lawsuits, the country's prosecutor general said Tuesday.

Largest Dinosaur Cemetery Discovered in Mexico
2014-09-30 07:23:00
A team of German and Mexican archaeologists have discovered what they believe is the largest dinosaur cemetery in the world in the Mexican state of Coahuila, Der Spiegel reports.

Wales Launches New Patriotic Regional Domains
2014-09-30 07:17:00
Wales has launched its new regional internet domains .wales and .cymru via its new websites, assembly.wales and synulliad.cymru on Tuesday.

EU Membership Issue Dividing UK Conservative Party: Open Europe Think Tank
2014-09-30 07:17:00
The issue of Britain?s EU membership is splitting the UK Conservative Party more than ever and may even lead to the Tories? permanent division, the director of Open Europe, a think tank that calls for a thorough reform of the European Union, told RIA Novosti in an interview Tuesday.

UK Should Devolve Fiscal Powers to Northern Ireland?s Legislature: Parliamentarian
2014-09-30 07:11:00
The UK government should devolve fiscal powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly in line with the commitments made to Scotland, following the Scottish independence referendum on September 18, Newry and Armagh parliamentarian and former member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) Conor Murphy said Tuesday.

EU Ambassadors Approve of Keeping Sanctions Against Russia: Reports
2014-09-30 06:56:00
European Union ambassadors on Tuesday said they approve of keeping sanctions against Russia in place because of the situation in Ukraine, Reuters reported citing EU officials.

Psychological Trauma Drives Three Israeli Combatants to Commit Suicide
2014-09-30 06:55:53
Three Israeli combatants, who took part in military operations during the recent 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, have committed suicide due to psychological trauma, Anadolu Agency reports.

Youths March in Yemen's Sanaa in Protest of Houthi Invasion
2014-09-30 06:31:00
Dozens of young Yemeni people took to the streets of the nation's capital Sanaa on Tuesday to stage a protest march after Shiite Houthi fighters took control of the city, a RIA Novosti correspondent on the ground reported.

North Korean Leader Resting in Hospital After Surgery: Reports
2014-09-30 06:23:00
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has undergone an ankle fracture surgery in Pyongyang and currently remains in hospital, South Korea's The Chosun Ilbo reported Tuesday.

Scots to Enjoy Economic Recovery in 2015: The Bank of Scotland
2014-09-30 06:19:00
The Bank of Scotland reported that the Scottish economy is continuing to recover, reaching pre-recession levels, the BBC reports.

US Signs Deal on Limited Military Presence in Afghanistan
2014-09-30 05:50:00
The United States and Afghanistan have signed a deal Tuesday to formally justify the presence of a limited US military contingent in the Central Asian state after the formal withdrawal of international forces, the TOLO News channel reported.

Guantanamo Closure Delayed Due to Pentagon?s Slow Review Process
2014-09-30 05:48:00
Guantanamo Bay prison will remain open as long as detainees kept in the detention center awaiting approval to be transferred or released from US Department of Defense custody, a taskproving to be a lengthy process, AP reports.

UNHCR Sticks to Refugee Data Provided by Governments: Representative to Council of Europe
2014-09-30 05:43:00
A representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told RIA Novosti Tuesday the agency referred to governments for any statistical data it used to analyze a refugee situation in a country.

BBC Dismisses Claims Its 'Agents' Stole Iran's Archives
2014-09-30 05:43:00
The BBC has formally dismissed claims by Iranian state television, Press TV, that said the British news organization had stolen "artistic, historic and cultural" archives from the Islamic Republic.

Hong Kong Authorities Must Free Peaceful Protesters, Avoid Excessive Use of Force: HRW
2014-09-30 05:37:00
Hong Kong authorities must free peaceful Occupy Central protesters and refrain from excessive use of force, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

UNHCR Says Not Planning Its Own Probe Into Reports on Ukrainian Refugees
2014-09-30 05:34:00
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is not planning to launch its own fact-finding into the information on Ukrainian refugees, despite conflicting reports about the number of people who fled the violence amid the crisis, UNHCR's representative to the Council of Europe Gert Westerveen told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

South Korean Navy Will Likely Extend Deployment in Gulf of Aden
2014-09-30 05:34:00
South Korean troops will likely extend their deployment in the Gulf of Aden and the United Arab Emirates by another year, Yonhap News Agency reports.

China Provides $833,000 in Supplies to Ghana, West Africa to Battle Ebola: Reports
2014-09-30 05:03:00
China has provided $833,000 worth of equipment and medical supplies to Ghana to help its fight against the Ebola epidemic, in addition to provisions and aid to other suffering West African countries, Xinhua news agency reported.

Overweight US Police Officers Forced to Pay for Fitness Training
2014-09-30 05:00:00
Police officers from the New York City Police Department are being compelled to pay money for exercise equipment as they are not able to fulfill their professional duties due to their weak physical condition and unhealthy weight, the New York Post reports.

Retired FBI Spy Hunter Confesses Guilt to Afghani Troop Supply Fraud
2014-09-30 04:55:00
A former FBI officer confessed his guilt to undermining a corruption investigation into a private military contractor on Monday, ABC News reports.

British Combat Planes No Match for Islamic State Ground Attacks: Reports
2014-09-30 04:51:00
Outdated and outnumbered British Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado GR4 warplanes prove to have little to no effect on Islamic State (IS) militants fighting some 15,000 feet below in Iraq and Syria, the Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Russia Ready to Implement 'Winter Gas Plan,' Waiting for Kiev's Response: Energy Minister
2014-09-30 04:36:00
Russia is ready to implement the ?winter plan? of delivering natural gas to Ukraine and is waiting for Kiev?s reaction, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Tuesday.

Political Instability Worsened in North Korea: World Bank
2014-09-30 04:35:00
The political situation in North Korea has worsened more in 2013 than the previous year, the World Bank reported on Tuesday.

Russia, France May Sign Transfer Act for Mistral Warship This Fall: Official
2014-09-30 04:31:00
Russia and France may sign an act on transferring first French-built Mistral class amphibious assault ship to Russia in late October or early November, Igor Sevastyanov, a deputy director general of Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport, said Tuesday.

PACE 'Should Not Stay Idle' to Mass Graves Near Donetsk: Russian Lawmaker
2014-09-30 04:27:00
Russian lawmaker Olga Kazakova drew the attention of European parliamentarians to the mass graves found near Ukraine's eastern city of Donetsk, as she spoke during the autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Tuesday.

Australian Man Arrested After Providing $12,000 to IS Fighter
2014-09-30 03:50:00
Australian police have arrested 23-year old Melbourne resident Hassan El Sabsabi, chargedwith providing $12,000 to a US citizen fighting for the Islamic State (IS) in Syria, the Guardian reports.

Putin to Visit Serbia in Mid-October: Kremlin
2014-09-30 03:09:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Serbia on October 16, the Kremlin's press service said Tuesday.

Japan Suspends Mount Ontake Rescue Mission as Volcanic Activity Continues
2014-09-30 02:44:00
Rescue efforts at Japan?s Mount Ontake have been put on hold due to bad weather and continued volcanic activity, The Japan Times reported Tuesday.

EU to Review Ukraine Ceasefire Tuesday, Possibly Provide Grounds to Lift Russia Sanctions
2014-09-30 02:32:00
The Permanent Representatives Committee of the European Union (Coreper) is expected to meet Tuesday to review the implementation of the ceasefire regime in Ukraine.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Calls for Protests to End ?Immediately?
2014-09-30 01:58:00
Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung called on Tuesday for protesters to disband immediately as crowds continued to occupy major parts of the city.

Ecuador Police Confiscate 1 Ton of Cocaine: Interior Ministry
2014-09-30 01:44:00
Ecuadorean police have confiscated a cocaine consignment weighing one ton, the country's Interior Ministry said.

Syrian Ambassador: Airstrikes Alone Insufficient in Destroying IS Militants in Syria
2014-09-30 01:00:00
The Syrian ambassador to Russia on Tuesday said that international airstrikes alone are not enough to destroy Islamic State (IS) militants operating in the Middle East and that Syrian ground troops would need to be used in order to completely eradicate them.

Syrian Ambassador: Bashar Assad Backs International Strikes Against IS Militants
2014-09-30 01:00:00
Syrian President Bashar Assad has publicly announced his country?s position on its readiness to work with any international efforts within the UN to eradicate Islamic State (IS) militants operating in the region and supports airstrikes against them, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad told RIA Novosti in an interview Tuesday.

Texas Hospital Admits Patient Suspected of Ebola Infection
2014-09-30 00:49:00
A patient suspected to be infected with the Ebola virus has been admitted to an isolation unit in a Texas hospital, local health officials reported.

WWF: Animal Populations Declined by 52% in Past 40 Years
2014-09-29 22:06:00
Populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish on our planet have declined by 52 percent since 1970, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Living Planet Report 2014.

At Least 56 People Injured in Hong Kong Protests: Reports
2014-09-29 21:38:00
At least 56 people have been injured in the predominantly student-led protests in Hong Kong, while 89 people have been arrested, CNN reported Tuesday, citing government officials.

Expert: Russia Could Offer Mexico 'Clean' Oil Production Technology
2014-09-29 21:13:00
Russia is ready to share its experience in 'clean' oil production with Mexico, acting head of Russia's environmental watchdog Rosprirodnadzor for the Sakhalin region, Dmitry Belanovich, told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

Rossiya Segodnya Offers Free Trial Subscription for RIA Novosti Arabic Newswire
2014-09-29 21:02:00
Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency has opened a trial subscription for its fresh newswire RIA Novosti Arabic.

Argentina Accuses US Court of Violating International Law, UN Charter: Foreign Ministry
2014-09-29 20:40:00
The ruling of a US federal judge, finding Argentina in contempt of court for its actions, relating to debt payment, violates international law, according to the country's foreign ministry.

Islamic State Militants Release New Video Featuring Captured British Journalist: Reports
2014-09-29 19:50:00
Islamic State (IS) militants have released a new internet video, where John Cantlie, a British reporter and photojournalist held captive by the group, doubts the effectiveness of US efforts, aimed at eradicating the extremists, according to the Daily Mail.

Situation in the South-East of Ukraine
2014-09-29 19:22:00

2014 International Emmy Awards Winners to Be Announced in New York
2014-09-29 18:45:00
The winners of the 2014 International Emmy Awards will be announced Tuesday at the 35th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards Ceremony in New York, hosted by The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the world's largest organization of television and radio broadcasters.

Ukraine Opens Criminal Proceedings Against Russian Investigative Committee Officials
2014-09-29 18:11:00
The office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has opened criminal proceedings against a number of Russian Investigative Committee officials in response to the cases, Moscow has launched into the crimes, committed in southeastern Ukraine.

Netanyahu: Closer Ties Between Israel and Arab States Could Help in Peace Process
2014-09-29 16:38:00
Closer ties between Israel and the Arab world could help in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Syria Is ?Satisfied? With US Airstrikes Against Islamic State Positions: Reports
2014-09-29 16:17:00
Syria is satisfied with the airstrikes that the United States has been carrying out against the Islamic State (IS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the country's Foreign Minister Walid Moualem said in an interview with Associated Press (AP).

Obama Acknowledges Responsibility for Underestimating IS Threat: White House
2014-09-29 14:58:00
US President Barack Obama has not abdicated on his responsibility for US special forces underestimating the Islamic State (IS) threat, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday.

UN's Ban Ki-moon Congratulates Afghanistan?s New President, CEO on Inauguration
2014-09-29 14:20:00
After the belated inauguration of a new president in Afghanistan, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement, congratulating Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and the country?s new Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

Deputy Secretary of State: Russia, US Have Shared Interest in Combating IS Threat
2014-09-29 14:05:00
Russia has common interest with the United States and its allies in combating the threat, posed by the Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East, including stemming the flow of foreign fighters and cutting off the financing of terrorist organizations in the region, said Deputy Secretary of State, William Burns.

Security Situation in Somalia Improving Despite New Risks: Survey
2014-09-29 13:33:00
Led by the radical al-Shabaab insurgence, Somalia's capital Mogadishu is experiencing improved security, despite new sources of insecurity ranging from suicide attacks, hand-grenade attacks, targeted killings, and land disputes, the Somalia-based Heritage Institute for Policy Studies reported in their September newsletter.

Wal-Mart Announces Appointment of Instagram CEO on Board: Reports
2014-09-29 13:23:00
The world's largest retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc. officially announced the appointment of 30-year old Kevin Systrom, chief executive of the photo-sharing Instagram Inc. to its board Monday to work in the technology and e-commerce committee.

US Hopes to Deepen Partnership With Afghanistan Under New Afghani Government
2014-09-29 13:19:00
US Secretary of State John Kerry congratulated the newly-elected Afghani President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah on their inauguration and hoped to deepen the US partnership with "unified and democratic Afghanistan," the statement, published on the US Department of State website Monday said.

Situation in Afghanistan
2014-09-29 13:19:00

Another Burial Site Found Near Donetsk
2014-09-29 12:53:00
Another grave with an executed independence supporter has been found in the Nyzhnia Krynka village near the city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported on Monday.

Moscow Recommends Russian Citizens to Leave Yemen Due to Security Reasons
2014-09-29 12:47:38
Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday recommended the country?s citizens to immediately leave Yemen and avoid travelling there amid security concerns.

Germany?s Merkel Pledges Continue EU Energy Cooperation With Russia
2014-09-29 12:46:00
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a press conference with Finland's Prime Minister Alexander Stubb on Monday that there were reasons for the European Union to continue its energy cooperation with Russia, despite their differences over the Ukrainian issue.

Israeli PM Warns of Militant Islam's Strive for Global Domination
2014-09-29 12:43:00
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday compared the advances of militant Islam in the Middle East to the spread of cancer and called for consolidated effort to counter this global threat "before it's too late."

Colombian Women?s Rights Network to Collect 2014 Nansen Refugee Award: UNHCR
2014-09-29 12:39:00
The Colombian women?s rights group, Butterflies with New Wings Building a Future (Butterflies), will collect the 2014 United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency Nansen Refugee Award during the UNHCR award ceremony scheduled for Monday evening in Geneva, Switzerland.

Solar Energy Could Be Leading Energy Source by 2050: IEA Reports
2014-09-29 12:34:00
The sun may be the world's largest source of energy by 2050, the reports issued by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Monday revealed.

Netanyahu: Iran's Nuclear Weapons Capability Must Be Destroyed
2014-09-29 12:28:00
Iran's nuclear military capabilities must be fully destroyed as they pose greater threat to the world than the spread of radical Islamist groups, including Islamic State, across the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his UN speech on Monday.

Russia Submits Questions on MH17 Crash to UN Security Council
2014-09-29 12:27:00
Russia submitted to the United Nation's Security Council a list of questions that it demands to clarify during the investigation of the Malaysian MH17 flight crash in southeastern Ukraine, the letter released on the UN's website on Monday said.

IS Militants Within 5 km from Key Kurdish Town Near Turkish Border
2014-09-29 12:13:00
Islamic State (IS) militants are within 5 km (3 miles) from the Kurdish town of Ain al-Arab near the Syrian-Turkey border, AFP said.

Germany Intensifies Investigation Into Refugee Abuse Scandal
2014-09-29 12:10:38
Abuse of refugees, committed by German security workers in a Burbach?s refugee shelter, caused uproar across the country and drove German police to launch intensive enquiry, as reported by Deutsche Welle on Monday.

Vatican Donates 100,000 Euros to Preserve Auschwitz
2014-09-29 12:01:00
Vatican has pledged 100,000 euros ($125,000) to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation, which aims to preserve the authentic remains of Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi death camp in Poland, AFP reports.

Turkey Arrests 14 Policemen Over Alleged Links to Anti-Government 'Parallel State'
2014-09-29 11:34:00
Fourteen Turkish police officers, including high-ranking national security officials, were arrested Monday for their alleged links to an illegal anti-government organization dubbed the "parallel state," Turkey's Hurriyet newspaper said.

Russian Lawmaker Warns Against Spread of Neo-Fascist Organizations in Modern World
2014-09-29 11:28:00
Neo-fascist organizations should not be allowed to function in the modern world as they were deemed criminal following the Nuremberg process, Russian lawmaker Olga Kazakova said in an interview with RIA Novosti Monday.

Syria Reaffirms Commitment to Stand Against Against Use of Chemical Weapons
2014-09-29 11:07:00
Syria is committed to the full implementation of the provisions of the Convention of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and within the frame of the OPCW, the country's Foreign Minister Walid Moualem said Monday.

Syrian Govt. Says Ready for Political Solution in Talks With 'Real Opposition'
2014-09-29 10:57:00
The Syrian government is striving for a political solution of the crisis in the war-torn country through the dialogue with opposition that upholds fighting terrorism as its priority and encourages reconciliation, Foreign Minister Walid Moualem said Monday.

Syria Calls for Global Effort to Fight Al Qaeda-Linked Militant Groups
2014-09-29 10:39:00
The global community should bring together full international efforts to stand in the face of al-Qaeda-linked militant groups as their terrorist actions will not be limited within the borders of Syria and Iraq, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moualem said Monday.

People's Bank of China Authorizes Direct Trading Between Chinese Yuan and Euro
2014-09-29 10:39:00
The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has authorized direct trading between the yuan (RMB) and the euro in the interbank foreign exchange market on Monday, an official statement from the bank's website said.

More Than 200 Arrested in Clashes Between Muslims and Hindus in India
2014-09-29 10:28:00
More than 200 have been arrested after violence erupted between Hindus and Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat, a senior officer said Monday, AFP reports.

Russia Launches Case Against Ukraine Military for Genocide of Russian Speakers in Ukraine
2014-09-29 10:27:00
The Russian Investigative Committee has launched a case of genocide of the Russian-speaking people of eastern Ukraine?s self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People?s Republics, committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said Monday.

Karadzic Can Get Life Sentence for Genocide Crimes
2014-09-29 10:13:04
The five-year trial of Radovan Karadzic, a former Bosnian Serb politician, charged with genocide and war crimes committed during the 1992-1995 Bosnia War, entered its last phase in the Hague-based UN's International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on Monday, Deutsche Welle reports.

Yemeni Military Brace for More Clashes as Airlines Suspend Flights to Sanaa
2014-09-29 09:45:00
The Yemeni government has boosted military presence in the nation's capital Sanaa after Shiite Houthi rebels refused to leave the city and honor the deal reached with the country's president on Sunday, a local official told RIA Novosti.

Number of Migrant Fatalities Climbs to 40,000 Since 2000: Int'l Migration Organization
2014-09-29 09:20:00
Almost 40,000 migrants have died worldwide since 2000, the data, released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Monday suggests.

Unknown Person Hurls Molotov Cocktail at Germany?s Reichstag
2014-09-29 08:57:00
An unidentified person threw a Molotov cocktail at Berlin?s Reichstag building that hosts federal parliament of Germany early on Monday, AP reports citing local police.

Australians Ready to Fight IS in Iraq
2014-09-29 08:56:00
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is ready to go to fight against Islamic State (IS) militants once the government gives an approval, RAAF Air Commodore Steve Robertson told the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday.

India PM Speaks at Madison Square Garden, Seeks US Investment
2014-09-29 08:54:00
Leader of the world?s largest democracy, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, spoke out Sunday at Madison Square Garden, having addressed the audience of 20.000, as well as the US government and investors and the folks back home.

Frisky Bishop of Arundel Faces Legal Charges
2014-09-29 08:44:00
After having resigned on Saturday for breaking the vows of celibacy, the Bishop of Arundel is now facing a legal threat from a man, whose wife he had slept with, The Telegraph reports.

Dutch Senator: PACE Must Prevent Crises Like Ukrainian One, Not Just Observe
2014-09-29 08:35:00
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has to prevent such developments as the crisis in Ukraine instead of just observing them, Tiny Kox, a Dutch senator and PACE rapporteur said Monday.

Thai Doctors Develop New Ebola Vaccine: Reports
2014-09-29 08:33:00
Doctors from the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok have created a new vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus, local news agency National News Bureau said Monday.

Liechtenstein Implicates Catalan President in Illegal Business After Independence Call
2014-09-29 08:28:00
Liechtenstein has informed Spain about a suspected link between Catalonia's leader Artur Mas and the illegal business of Barcelona's prominent political family of ex-president Jordi Pujol, according to Spain's El Mundo newspaper.

EU Countries Revoke Passports of Terrorism Suspects
2014-09-29 08:01:00
Dutch authorities have revoked 49 passports of those willing to return to the country after fighting with the IS in Syria and Iraq or suspected in planning to join terrorist groups overseas, as announced by the Dutch Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten in a statement, published by NL Times on Monday.

Assange Appears at US Conference Via Hologram
2014-09-29 07:51:00
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared as a hologram at the Nantucket Project on Sunday, New York Magazine reports.

Spain to Challenge Catalonia Independence Poll in Constitutional Court
2014-09-29 07:50:00
The Spanish government on Monday announced it was going to appeal Catalonia's independence referendum decree before Spain?s Constitutional Court.

Five Caspian States Agree on National Marine Sovereignty: Statement
2014-09-29 07:42:00
The leaders of the five states bordering the Caspian Sea agreed the principles of national marine sovereignty of each of the countries to an area of 15 nautical miles and 10 ?fishing? miles, according to a statement signed by the countries? leaders Monday.

Caspian 'Five' Agree Principles of Military Balance in the Region: Statement
2014-09-29 07:31:00
The heads of five Caspian states agreed on Monday to keep a stable balance of forces in the region and ensure the development of their defense capability within the limits of "reasonable efficiency," a political statement following the summit said.

California Changes the Definition of Sex Assault
2014-09-29 07:30:23
California has adopted a bill which redefines sexual assault and rape, as Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law Sunday

Bangladesh Nabs Islamic State Recruiter From London: Reports
2014-09-29 07:28:00
A British-run recruitment cell for the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has been uncovered in Bangladesh after detectives traced a Muslim convert from east London to the South Asian nation's capital Dhaka, British newspaper The Telegraph reported.

Japan?s Abe Pledges to Boost Provincial Economies, Relations With China: Reports
2014-09-29 07:24:00
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed the opening day of the special session of the Japanese Diet on Monday in a speech promising to boost declining provincial economies and improve relations with China, The Japan Times reported Monday.

Scotland Yard: Facts and Background
2014-09-29 07:14:00
The Metropolitan Police Service was formed on September 29, 1829, under the Metropolitan Police Act introduced by British Home Secretary Robert Peel. Richard Mayne and Charles Rowan were its first commissioners.

Rescuers Take Bodies of 8 Climbers to Foot of Mount Ontake After Eruption: Reports
2014-09-29 07:03:00
The bodies of eight hikers, victims of the Mount Ontake eruption in central Japan, have been transported by rescue teams to the foot of the volcano, Kyodo News reported Monday.

EU Postpones Free Trade Zone With Ukraine Until January 2016: Press Release
2014-09-29 06:55:00
The European Union will postpone a free trade zone with Ukraine under the Association Agreement until January 2016, according to a press release published on the website of the Council of the European Union Monday.

Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan Suggests Creating Free Trade Zone Between Caspian Sea States
2014-09-29 06:37:00
Kazakhastan suggests discussing the issue of creating a free trade zone between countries bordering the Caspian Sea, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said Monday.

China Blocks Instagram to Cover Up Violence Against Hong Kong Protesters
2014-09-29 06:31:13
Chinese authorities have blocked the online photo-sharing service Instagram, to stop spread of videos and photos, which feature Hong Kong police using tear gas against peaceful protesters, NBC News reports.

Azerbaijani Leader: Military Activities in Caspian Sea Should Be Based on Equal Security
2014-09-29 06:25:00
Any military activity in the Caspian Sea region should be based on principles of equal security for all the five states in the region, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said Monday.

Putin: Caspian Countries to Hold Joint Emergency Exercises in 2016
2014-09-29 06:12:00
Countries bordering the Caspian Sea will hold joint emergency exercises in 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

Chinese Company to Create High-Altitude Space Balloon: Reports
2014-09-29 06:01:00
A private company in Beijing is planning to build a high-altitude balloon to take people 40 kilometers (25 miles) above the earth to the brink of the planet's atmosphere, the South China Morning Post reported Monday.

Donetsk to Ask Russia to Analyze DNA Samples From 400 Bodies
2014-09-29 05:56:00
The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People?s Republic (DPR) will request Russia to analyze DNA samples taken from 400 unidentifiable bodies, the republic?s first deputy prime minister said Monday.

Japan to Restart Nuclear Reactors Despite Volcanic Risks
2014-09-29 05:56:00
The volcanic eruption over the weekend will not affect Japan?s plan to restart the Sendai nuclear reactor, Japanese government spokesman said on Monday, according to Reuters.

Human Rights Watch Report Slams Turkey?s Rollback on Freedoms
2014-09-29 05:52:00
The Erdogan administration and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey have been showing a continuous pattern of increased intolerance toward the opposition, public protest and liberal media in what is a sign of a general rollback in social freedoms, Human Rights Watch said in a report published Monday.

Prime Minister: Egypt Could Take Lead in Fight Against Terrorism
2014-09-29 05:51:00
Egypt is considering taking the lead in the international fight against terrorism as extremist groups are advancing in several countries, Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab told Rossiya Segodnya on Monday.

Kiev, Donetsk May Again Swap Prisoners in 2-3 Days
2014-09-29 05:22:00
The next prisoner swap between Kiev and the self-proclaimed Donetsk People?s Republic may occur in the next two or three days, a spokesman for the republic?s committee for prisoners of war said Monday.

Riot Police Pulled Back, Negotiations With Protestors Continue in Hong Kong
2014-09-29 05:12:00
After trying to break up the protests last night, the Hong Kong government said it had pulled back the riot police on Monday, the New York Times reports.

Former Prime Minister: Muslims Might Establish ?Islamic State? in Malaysia
2014-09-29 05:10:00
Muslims in Malaysia who support the Islamic State (IS) might establish an "Islamic State" inside the country, former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad stated Monday.

South Korea Approves Humanitarian Aid Worth $200,000 to Pyongyang
2014-09-29 04:57:00
South Korea?s Ministry of Unification announced that it has approved a nongovernmental organization's request for permission to deliver humanitarian aid worth 200 million won ($190,512) to North Korea, Yonhap news agency reports.

Lufthansa Pilots to Strike in Frankfurt Airport Tuesday
2014-09-29 04:55:00
Pilots from German flag carrier Lufthansa will stage a strike on long-haul flights on September 30, the German pilot union, Vereinigung Cockpit, reported Monday.

IDF Investigates Reports of US Children Firing Weapons at Army Range: Reports
2014-09-29 04:30:00
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is investigating a report alleging that children of American donors were invited by officers of the Nahal Reconnaissance Battalion to fire weapons at a makeshift army shooting range, Jerusalem Online reported Monday.

President: PACE to Comment on Donetsk Mass Grave Only After Investigation Ends
2014-09-29 04:21:00
PACE will make an official statement on the the mass grave of civilians near Donetsk only after the official results of the investigation are made public, PACE President Anne Brasseur said Monday.

Five Dead as Al-Qaeda Fighters Attack Shiite Rebels in Yemen
2014-09-29 04:13:00
Fighters from the Ansar al-Sharia group, a branch of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, on Monday attacked Houthi Shiite rebels in central Yemen's Al Bayda, province, killing five, according to the local al-Fajr news portal.

California Governor Vetoes Drone Surveillance Bill: Reports
2014-09-29 04:11:00
California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill requiring law enforcement officials to secure warrants from a judge prior to using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveillance purposes, The Los Angeles Times reported.

US Consulate in Hong Kong Urges Protesters to Refrain From Violence
2014-09-29 03:53:00
Following confrontations between protesters and police, the US Consulate in Hong Kong has called on all sides to refrain from violence, a statement published Monday on the website of the Consulate reads.

Kremlin Vows to Retaliate If Three-Party Agreements on Ukraine?s EU Association Violated
2014-09-29 03:23:00
Russia remains committed to three-party agreements concerning Ukraine?s association with the European Union, but is ready to take measures if any party violates them, a spokesman for the Russian president said Monday.

Belgium Becomes Recruiting Hub for Islamic State Fighters
2014-09-29 02:51:00
Belgian authorities say the country has become a hub for jihadists going to Syria to fight alongside Islamic State (IS) militants, according to The Wall Street Journal.

36 Feared Dead Amid Ongoing Volcano Eruption in Japan
2014-09-29 02:44:00
Japanese police officers have found five more bodies on the slopes of Mount Ontake bringing the overall death toll to 36, AFP reports citing local authorities.

Official: Ukrainian Forces Swap Fake War Prisoners With Donetsk
2014-09-29 02:43:00
Ukrainian authorities have been exchanging fake war prisoners with the Donetsk militia in prisoner swaps, Andrei Purgin, the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk's deputy prime minister, told RIA Novosti on Monday.

Leader: Luhansk Expects Next Humanitarian Convoy From Russia Next Month
2014-09-29 01:32:00
The self-proclaimed Luhansk People?s Republic (LPR) expects the next humanitarian convoy from Russia to arrive in the war-torn region in October, LPR leader Igor Plotnitsky said Monday.

Mexico Government Searching for Almost 60 Students After Protest
2014-09-29 01:28:00
The authorities of the Mexican state of Guerrero are searching for 58 students that have gone missing following a protest at the end of last week, the state government reported.

Hong Kong Riot Police Withdraws as Protests Dissipate: Government
2014-09-29 01:13:00
The Hong Kong government said Monday that it had pulled back riot police from deployment in major demonstrations around the city.

US Should Investigate Civilian Deaths in Syria After Possibly Unlawful Airstrikes: HRW
2014-09-29 00:55:00
The United States should conduct an investigation into possibly unlawful airstrikes in Syria that have resulted in the deaths of civilians, Human Rights Watch (HRW) announced in a press release.

Japan, North Korea Hold Meeting on Pyongyang?s Investigation Into Japanese Abductees
2014-09-29 00:10:00
Japan and North Korea have held a meeting to discuss the issues surrounding Pyongyang's investigation into the abduction of Japanese nationals decades ago, Kyodo News reported Monday.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister: Iran Nuclear Talks to Continue in Less Than Two Weeks
2014-09-28 23:48:00
The next round of talks between Iran and the P5+1 is set to take place in less than two weeks, news agency Kyoto reported, citing Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi.

Obama: There Will Be No War Between NATO and Russia
2014-09-28 22:58:00
US President Barack Obama has excluded the possibility of military confrontation between Russia and NATO over the Ukrainian crisis in his interview to CBS Monday.

UN Denies Report on Ban Ki-moon?s Visit to North Korea
2014-09-28 22:13:00
UN has denied the report that its Secretary General Ban Ki-moon received an invitation and may visit North Korea, according to the UN press service's statement Monday.

Hong Kong Shares Fall as Protests Continue
2014-09-28 21:54:00
Hong Kong shares have fallen for more than 1 percent, following the clashes between protesters defending the city's autonomy and police, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Hong Kong Protests Over City?s Autonomy Spread
2014-09-28 21:28:00
Thousands of pro-democracy protesters have come out to Hong Kong streets in continuation of a student-led protest, blocking the central district and raising fears of the financial center's investors.

Obama Believes Democrats to Keep Control of Senate in Coming Elections
2014-09-28 20:15:00
US President Barack Obama has expressed confidence Democrats will manage to keep Senate control in the coming general elections scheduled for November 4, CBS reported.

Taliban Kills Australian Citizen: Reports
2014-09-28 19:35:00
An Australian citizen has been captured and killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, his family told Guardian Australia in an interview.

US-led Airstrikes Target Syrian Gas Plant
2014-09-28 19:04:00
The US-led coalition's airstrikes have targeted the major gas plant in Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises
2014-09-28 18:30:00

Russian Foreign Ministry: Cooperation With Syrian, Iraqi Governments Needed in Fighting IS
2014-09-28 18:30:00
It is necessary to work together with all partners in fighting against Islamic State (IS), primarily, with governments of Syria and Iraq, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov told "Kommersant" newspaper Monday.

Netanyahu Leaves for US to Refute Abbas's Accusations, Warn of Threats From Iran
2014-09-28 17:44:00
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has left for the US to address the UN General Assembly Monday, pledging to refute Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's accusations of genocide and warn international community of threats from Iran's nuclear program.

Poroshenko: No Federalization in Ukraine Considered, Only Local Councils' Extended Powers
2014-09-28 15:38:00
Ukrainian authorities consider only delegating powers to the local councils and setting up a special zone in Donbass for three years, as a part of decentralization process, not federalization, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told "1+1" TV channel Sunday.

Gunmen on Motorcycles Murder Two Policemen in Yemen
2014-09-28 15:20:00
Militants on motorcycles killed two traffic police officers in the Yemeni city of Ta'izz on Sunday, a local police source told RIA Novosti.

Iran Reports Prevention of BBC?s Stealing Documents
2014-09-28 14:51:00
Iran has prevented an attempt by BBC to steal documents from government archives, PressTV channel reported Iranian authorities as saying Sunday.

Activists Storm Al Jazeera?s Office in Beirut: Reports
2014-09-28 14:38:00
Activists, calling themselves "Omega Team", stormed the Beirut office of the TV channel Al Jazeera Sunday in protest against the insults, addressed to the Lebanese army.

Poroshenko: EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to Fully Enter Into Force in November
2014-09-28 14:25:00
The association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union will fully enter into force this November, Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said Sunday in an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.

Tensions Continue to Hold in Yemen?s Capital as Residents Urge Houthis to Leave City
2014-09-28 13:46:00
Tensions continue to hold in Yemen's capital Sana'a following the latest confrontation between the armed supporters of al-Houthi and the representatives of the national security service.

Al-Qaeda Offshoot Claims Responsibility for Ma?rib Suicide Attack, Death Toll Reaches 15
2014-09-28 13:41:00
Ansar al-Sharia, a splinter group of al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack against a group of Houthis in Yemen's Ma'rib governorate.

72% Americans Believe US Will Use Ground Troops to Fight IS
2014-09-28 12:36:10
72% of Americans believe the United States will deploy combat troops against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, according to a joint survey conducted by NBC, the Wall Street Journal and the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Lavrov: Ukraine in Need of Deep Constitutional Reform
2014-09-28 12:06:00
Ukraine needs a thorough constitutional reform, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday in an interview with Rossiya-1 broadcaster and the RT news channel.

Earthquake Claims Lives of 8 in Peru
2014-09-28 12:04:00
At least eight people have died and six injured as a result of an earthquake in Peru, the country's authorities reported Sunday

Ten Houthis Killed and Dozens Injured in Yemen Suicide Attack: Source
2014-09-28 11:12:00
Ten Houthis have been killed and dozens were injured in a suicide attack in Yemen's Ma'rib governorate, a local source informed.

Lavrov: US Base Their Statements on Ukraine on Unverified Facts or Framing-Up
2014-09-28 11:10:00
The US statements on the situation in Ukraine are based on unverified facts or framing-up, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Rossiya-1 and RT TV channels.

DPR, Ukrainian Forces Exchange Prisoners in ?30 to 60? Format
2014-09-28 10:46:00
Independence supporters and Ukrainian forces have conducted another exchange of prisoners.

Hundreds of Yemenis Protesting Against Shiite Rebels in Country?s Capital: Reports
2014-09-28 10:45:00
Hundreds of Yemenis have come onto the streets of Yemen's capital Sana'a to protest against the actions of the Shiite rebels who started the riots in the city, AFP reported Sunday.

Hong Kong Police Use Tear Gas at 'Occupy Central' Protesters
2014-09-28 10:36:02
Pro-democracy mass protest skirmishes in Hong Kong became more intense on Sunday as the Hong Kong police used tear gas against thousands of peaceful protesters in attempt to clear the protest areas, the New York Times reports.

Islamic State Using Chlorine in Fougasses: Defense Ministry
2014-09-28 09:09:00
Islamic State (IS) extremists have used chlorine in fougasses several times, Iraq's Ministry of Defense stated.

Spain Vows to Block Catalonia?s Bid for Independence Vote: Reports
2014-09-28 08:52:00
Spain has vowed to block the bid for an independence referendum by the leader of Spain's Catalonia region Artur Mas who signed a decree on Saturday authorizing the vote for November 9, supported by hundreds of protesters outside his office in Barcelona, Euronews reported Sunday.

Lavrov Blames Western Partners for Violating Agreements on Ukraine
2014-09-28 08:30:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has blamed Western partners for violating their own arrangements concerning the regulation of the crisis in Ukraine.

Lavrov Dismisses Claims of Russia Abusing Veto Power in UN Security Council
2014-09-28 08:21:00
Claims that Russia abuses its veto right in the UN Security Council are false, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday in an interview with Rossiya-1 broadcaster and RT news channel.

Beijing Eases Limits on Investment of Foreign Capital
2014-09-28 08:14:00
Beijing introduced Sunday a plan to lift the foreign investment restrictions for as much as 27 industries in the vicinity of the city of Shanghai.

Lavrov: Kiev Should Provide Materials, Witnesses for Investigations of Ukraine Tragedies
2014-09-28 07:57:00
Investigation into the tragedies in Odessa, Mariupol, Donetsk and Kiev cannot reveal the truth until the Kiev authorities provide access to materials and witnesses, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Australia Going Back to Iraq ?In a Matter of Days?
2014-09-28 07:54:07
The Australia government is planning to conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

Pyongyang Says N Korean Nuclear Issue to Be Resolved by Termination of US Hostile Policy
2014-09-28 07:43:44
North Korea's nuclear program had been developed as a response to Washington's "hostile policy," "nuclear threats" and "stifling strategy" against the DPRK, claimed North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong in his UN address.

Renowned Scottish Painter to Return Queen?s Honor Over Britain?s Airstrikes Against IS
2014-09-28 07:07:00
One of Scotland's most well-known painters, Peter Howson, who was the British Government's "official war artist" during the 1993 Bosnian Civil War, is to hand back an honor he received from the Queen in protest at Britain's airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) militant group in Iraq and England's opposition to Scottish independence.

Lavrov: UN Security Council Should Seek Compromises, 'Not Flare Up Passions'
2014-09-28 06:42:00
The UN Security Council should be used for seeking compromises between its five permanent members rather than "flaring up passions", Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated Sunday.

China Successfully Orbits Experimental Satellite
2014-09-28 06:34:00
China has launched a new experimental satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern Gobi desert on Sunday, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Former Sudanese Detainee to Launch Campaign Against Religious Persecution
2014-09-28 06:15:00
MOSCOW, September 28 (RIA Novosi) - A former Sudanese detainee, Mariam Ibrahim, who was charged with apostasy and managed to escape a death sentence, is planning to launch a campaign for those arrested for religious reasons, BBC reports.

Lavrov: US-Led Coalition Risks Escalating Situation Around IS by Bypassing UN Rules
2014-09-28 05:38:00
The United States along with the countries comprising the anti-terrorist coalition did not secure a sanction from the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) in its fight against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq which risks a sharp deterioration of the situation in the region, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

DPR-Kiev Prisoner Swap to Exchange Remaining 30 Prisoners
2014-09-28 05:36:00
A prisoner swap between the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Kiev is scheduled for 17.00 Moscow time (13:00 GMT) on Sunday, the head of the Donetsk People's Republic's committee on prisoner exchange Daria Morozova told RIA Novosti.

Police Officer Shot While Pursuing Suspect in Ferguson
2014-09-28 05:34:48
A police officer has been shot on Saturday evening in Ferguson, the city which was plunged into chaos after the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown on August 9.

Lavrov: Minsk Dialogue Seriously Disturbed by Those Supporting Yatsenyuk
2014-09-28 05:01:00
The achievement of Minsk agreements to de-escalate the situation in eastern Ukraine, are seriously hindered by those supporting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, including Washington, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Lavrov: Russia-US Foreign Ministers Maintain Dialogue,Though Outcomes Not Always Performed
2014-09-28 04:20:00
Moscow and Washington continue to hold a "fairly stable" channel of dialogue between foreign ministers, but the result of these discussions, including the situation on Ukraine, are not always immediately put into practice, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Russian TV channels Rossiya and Russia Today.

Lavrov: First Results of Eurasian Integration to Come Soon
2014-09-28 03:01:00
The number of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU) member states will grow and the first results of the integration are expected soon, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday.

Lavrov: Russia Still Open to Cooperation With Western Countries
2014-09-28 02:36:00
Russia does not feel isolated in light of sanctions and does plan to refuse to cooperate with the West, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: Russia?s Western Partners Still Unable to Overcome ?Cold War? Mentality
2014-09-28 02:26:00
Russia's Western partners have not yet overcome the ?Cold War? mentality, and the Ukrainian crisis has become the most tragic manifestation of the accumulated problems, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday.

Lavrov: UN, UNSC Appropriate Instruments for Solving Global Issues
2014-09-28 02:23:00
The United Nations and the UN Security Council (UNSC) are absolutely appropriate instruments for solving global issues, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday.

Lavrov: Personal Irritation Totally 'Unacceptable' for Serious Politicians
2014-09-28 02:20:00
Personal irritation could be heard more often lately in Western politicians? remarks about Moscow and Russian leadership which is absolutely ?unacceptable,? Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday.

Lavrov: Kiev Decision to Delay EU Association Agreement in Line With Yanukovych?s Proposal
2014-09-28 02:19:00
The decision of the Kiev authorities not to enact the Association Agreement with the EU immediately is similar to the proposal made by Ukraine's former President Viktor Yanukovych 10 months ago, at the time when it was possible to avoid the bloodshed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday.

Lavrov: US Missed Islamic State Threat Guided by Double Standards Policy
2014-09-28 02:18:00
Washington did not listen to Moscow?s proposals to combine counterterrorism efforts, and guided by double standards it had missed the emerging threat of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday.

Lavrov: Work of 20 US-Russia Working Groups Halted at Washington Initiative
2014-09-28 02:17:00
The work of about 20 US-Russia working groups in practically all areas has been halted at the initiative of Washington, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday.

Lavrov: US Uses Veto Power More Often Than Other UNSC Permanent Members
2014-09-28 02:16:00
The United States, which initiated the introduction of the United Nations Security Council "power of veto," is the nation that has been "abusing" the veto power most often, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: US Constructing ?Power Verticals? on International Scene
2014-09-28 02:15:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday that the United States are building ?power verticals? on the international scene to define what ?music the international orchestra will play.?

Lavrov: Russia-US Relations Need Second Reset
2014-09-28 02:11:00
Russia-US relations need to be reset for the second time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: Minsk Agreement on Settlement of Situation in Ukraine Observed
2014-09-28 02:10:00
The agreement reached in Minsk on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine are observed, facilitating the establishment of control mechanisms for the ceasefire, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: West Should Realize Inefficiency of Ultimatums, Threats Toward Russia
2014-09-28 02:09:00
The West should realize the inefficiency of ultimatums and threats toward Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: Russia Still Open to Cooperation With Western Countries
2014-09-28 02:08:00
Russia does not feel isolated in light of sanctions and does plan to refuse to cooperate with the West, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: Moscow Uninterested in Continuing Sanction War With West
2014-09-28 02:07:00
Moscow is not interested in continuing the sanction war with western countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: Russia to be Well-Protected Without Engaging in Arms Race
2014-09-28 02:07:00
Russia does not plan to start an arms race, but the country will be well-protected, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

Lavrov: Equating Imaginary ?Russian Threat? to Actions of Islamic State Outrageous
2014-09-28 02:06:00
Western politicians' recent habit to equate ?Russian threat? to the actions of the Islamic State (IS) militants is outrageous, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Channel 5.

US, Allied Military Forces Launch New Series of IS Attacks in Syria: US Central Command
2014-09-28 02:05:00
The United States and partner nation military forces have continued to attack Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria, conducting a new series of airstrikes, the US Central Command stated in an official news release on Sunday.

30 Hikers in Cardiac Arrest in Aftermath of Japan?s Volcano Eruption: Reports
2014-09-28 01:47:00
30 hikers were found Sunday in cardiac arrest on Mt. Ontake after a volcano erupted on Saturday just before noon in central Japan leaving about 250 stranded and several injured, BBC reported.

Pro-Democracy Group ?Occupy Central? Launches Mass Campaign in Hong Kong: Reports
2014-09-28 01:18:00
The leaders of a pro-democracy group, Occupy Central launched a mass disobedience campaign Sunday in central Hong Kong.

Explosion Hits Diplomatic Quarter of Kabul
2014-09-28 00:23:00
An explosion has been reported in the diplomatic district of the Afghan capital, Kabul the day before the inauguration of President-elect Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Reuters reported Sunday.

Lavrov: Syria Needs Involvement in Fight Against IS Terrorism
2014-09-28 00:08:00
Disengagement of Syria in the fight against terrorism is illogical and the political process should not become hostage to ideology, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to Bloomberg TV.

Russian Foreign Minister: Iran, P5+1 Deal 95% Agreed
2014-09-27 19:09:00
The deal between the P5+1 group on the Iranian nuclear program and Iran itself is 95 percent agreed, but the remaining 5 percent is "where the devil is," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Delivers Speech at UN General Assembly
2014-09-27 16:31:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov delivered a speech during the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on September 27, touching upon such issues as US unilateral use of military power, the West's unwillingness to cooperate with Russia, the situation in Ukraine and delays in Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight investigation, and access to the data on chemical weapons in Libya, among other things.

Russia Urges to Provide Information on Chemical Arsenal in Libya
2014-09-27 15:09:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia wanted to see the information on the state of chemical weapons in Libya.

Lavrov: UN Declaration Needed to Prevent Use of Coup as Means to Change Regime
2014-09-27 14:32:00
Russia suggests adopting a UN General Assembly declaration on nonrecognition of coup as a way to change the regime in a country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Peace March in Ukraine: ?They Did Not Let Us Speak Against War?
2014-09-27 14:08:00
A "March of Peace" was held in the largest cities in Ukraine, which called for an end of the "blind war", conducted by Kiev southeast the country. Hundreds of activists came onto the streets of Kiev, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and others.

Lavrov: Delays in Investigation of Malaysian Aircraft Crash Contradicts UN Resolution
2014-09-27 14:04:00
The investigation into the Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine is experiencing delays, which contradicts the UN Security Council Resolution 2166, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing Crashes in Ukraine
2014-09-27 14:04:00

Lavrov: West Unwilling to Cooperate With Russia on ?Undivided Security? Zone
2014-09-27 13:43:00
Western partners have consistently avoided cooperating with Russia on the creation of the "undivided security" zone from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Lavrov: US Openly Declares Right for Unilateral Use of Military Force
2014-09-27 13:17:00
The United States has openly declared its right to use military force unilaterally, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Lavrov: US Disregards UN Principle of Equality of States in World
2014-09-27 13:04:00
While defending democracy and human rights, the United States disregards the principle of the equality of states around the world, as stipulated in the UN Charter, and makes decisions for other countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday.

US Scientists Entrench Upon Harry Potter?s ?Cloak of Invisibility?
2014-09-27 12:47:00
Cloaking devices which render objects invisible might soon become commonplace; scientists from the University of Rochester have discovered an almost magical way to hide large objects from sight.

Iran's Foreign Minister: Next Round of Talks Between Iran and ?6? to Take Place in Europe
2014-09-27 11:52:00
The next round of talks between Iran and the "6" (the five permanent members of UN's Security Council and Germany) will take place in Europe, Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, told Russian reporters after he met his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

UN Secretary General Calls on Russia to Help Sustain Ceasefire Regime in Ukraine
2014-09-27 11:34:00
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on Russia to use its influence to help sustain the ceasefire regime in Ukraine, according to the readout of the meeting between the UN secretary general and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Al-Nusra Starts Negotiations With Lebanon About Fate of Captured Soldiers
2014-09-27 11:26:00
The Al-Nusra Front made a series of demands from the Lebanese authorities on Saturday; the Lebanese are negotiating conditions for the release of their captive troops, reports Al Arabiya News.

Activist: Ukrainian Police, Security Service Violently Disperse Peace March in Zaporizhia
2014-09-27 11:21:00
Police and representatives of Ukraine's Security Service (SSU) have violently dispersed the March of Peace in Zaporizhia, southeastern Ukraine, Igor Sysoenko, Chairman of the all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization "Youth, Society and Power, told RIA Novosti on the phone.

Chinese Corruption Suspects No Longer Safe Abroad
2014-09-27 10:59:00
China?s Supreme People?s Procuratorate (SPP) has started a six-month campaign that will target corruption suspects, including those who have fled overseas, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday.

Syria Unsure About US Hidden Agenda, Despite US Notices Damascus About Its Airstrikes
2014-09-27 10:31:00
The United States have informed Damascus about their airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) militant group positions, but it does not mean that Syria accepts the motion, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told journalists on Saturday.

Syrian Foreign Minister: US-led Coalition Against IS Lacks UN Authorization, Legitimacy
2014-09-27 10:31:00
The US-led coalition against the Islamic State (IS) has been created without the UN Security Council's authorization and has no international legitimacy, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Saturday.

Syrian Foreign Minister: US to Conduct Airstrikes Against IS for 3 Years
2014-09-27 10:19:00
The United States has informed Syria that it will conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) for three years, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Saturday.

Syria Ready To Cooperate In Fight Against IS: Russia?s Foreign Ministry
2014-09-27 10:15:00
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said during his meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of UN General Assembly that his country was ready to cooperate in fight against Islamic State (IS) militant group with anyone who has a reasonable stance on this issue, Russia?s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told journalists.

Next Trilateral Talks Over Gas to Take Place Between Russia, Ukraine, EC in October: TV
2014-09-27 09:56:00
The next trilateral talks between Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission over the standing issues surrounding gas will take place on October 2 or 3, Aleksander Novak, Russia's Minister of Energy, stated.

Conspiracy Theories Help Fuel Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
2014-09-27 09:34:00
As the Ebola death toll continues to rise across West Africa, some residents are refusing to go to medical clinics to seek treatment because of widespread conspiracy theories that they are being killed by doctors, Al Jazeera reports.

Ukraine, US to Hold Business Summit to Discuss Investment in Ukrainian Economy
2014-09-27 09:12:00
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker have agreed to hold a business summit with the aim of attracting investment in the country, the Ukrainian government said on its website.

Man Shot After Beheading Coworker in Oklahoma, Wounding Another
2014-09-27 08:36:00
Alton Alexander Nolen, a disgruntled worker who had just been fired from his job at a Moore, Oklahoma food processing plant, allegedly decapitated a female coworker and wounded another before being shot and apprehended, TIME reported.

DPR Uncertain About Participation in Next Contact Group Meeting in Minsk
2014-09-27 08:21:00
The decision on whether the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) will participate in the next round of Contact Group talks in Minsk has not yet been made, DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko has told RIA Novosti.

IMF to ?ut Off Zimbabwe, as Mugabe Fails to Pay Debts
2014-09-27 08:12:00
Zimbabwe will not be receiving more loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) due to the country?s inability to repay its outstanding debt, the BBC reports.

Islamic State Militants Change Tactics In Face Of US Airstrikes in Iraq
2014-09-27 08:05:00
Islamic State militants are changing tactics wary of US airstrikes in Iraq, abandoning headquarters, using less cellphones, Al Arabiya reported Saturday.

Volcano Eruption in Japan Cancels Number of International Flights: TV
2014-09-27 08:04:00
The Mt. Ontake volcano, having erupted around Saturday afternoon in the central Japanese prefecture of Nagano, has canceled and changed the routes of a number of international flights, Japan's NHK reported Saturday.

UK Conservatives Want British Supreme Court to Overrule EU Court Decisions: Reports
2014-09-27 07:45:00
The UK Conservatives want the UK Supreme Court to make the final decisions in controversial cases instead of the European Court of Human Rights, The Guardian reported Saturday.

British Study Finds Gradual Increase in Resistance to Antibiotics
2014-09-27 07:41:00
A Cardiff University study by Professor Craig Currie has found that resistance to common antibiotic treatments has grown by 12 percent between 1991 and 2012, the BBC reported.

Tanks Patrolling Streets of Kharkiv After Court Bans Peace March
2014-09-27 06:50:00
Tanks have started patrolling the streets of Kharkiv, reads the statement posted on the website of Ukraine's Interior Office in Kharkiv on Saturday.

Fukushima Water Treatment System Fails Again
2014-09-27 06:47:00
A water treatment system to decontaminate radioactive water at Fukushima nuclear plant fails again and thus had to be partially shut down, Japan's NHK news agency reported Saturday.

Egypt Suffers From Daylight Savings Shift Headaches
2014-09-27 06:00:00
Egyptians changed their clocks for the fourth time in five months at midnight on Thursday, as the country rolled back its clocks one hour for the end of daylight savings time, the Associated Press reported via Haaretz.

Psychologists: Masculinity Can Lead to Depression
2014-09-27 05:54:00
Masculinity has been found to play a significant role in causing depression among men, psychologists from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) say.

Human Rights Groups Protest as Indonesia Passes Anti-Homosexuality Law
2014-09-27 05:51:00
Lawmakers in Indonesia's conservative Aceh province passed an anti-homosexuality law Saturday making it punishable by 100 lashes, triggering widespread criticism from human rights advocates.

Egyptian Court Postpones Former President Mubarak Verdict
2014-09-27 05:14:00
Egyptian court today postponed until November 29 a verdict in case against former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak on charges of corruption and ordering killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising.

Chicago Air Traffic Employee Sets Fire, Causing 2,000 Flights Disruption: Reports
2014-09-27 04:34:00
Almost 2,000 flights were disrupted at O'Hare International and Midway airports in Chicago after an air traffic employee, Brian Howard set a fire and tried to commit suicide at the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) facility in Illinois, USA Today reported Saturday.

LPR Head: Election to Remove Doubts Surrounding Legitimacy of Luhansk Authorities
2014-09-27 04:23:00
Elections deciding the head and deputies of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) will remove doubts concerning the legitimacy of Luhansk authorities, the head of LPR, Igor Plotnitsky said Saturday.

Catalonia Leader Signs Independence Referendum Decree
2014-09-27 04:04:00
The leader of Spain's Catalonia region, Artur Mas has signed a decree calling for a referendum on region's independence to be held on November 9.

LPR Head: Truce In Eastern Ukraine Generally Holding
2014-09-27 03:32:00
A ceasefire regime between independence supporters in eastern Ukraine and Kiev forces is generally holding, prisoner exchange process continues, head of Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) Igor Plotnitsky told journalists on Saturday.

LPR Head: New Round of Minsk Talks Prepared, Date of Meeting Pending
2014-09-27 03:02:00
The trilateral Contact Group comprised of representatives from Russia, Ukraine, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) are prepared to take part in another round of talks in Minsk though an exact date of the meeting has not yet been decided, the head of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR), Igor Plotnitsky said Saturday.

Volcano Erupts in Central Japan, Leaves At Least 8 People Injured: Reports
2014-09-27 02:58:00
A Mt. Ontake volcano erupted Saturday just before noon in central Japan, sending ash high into the sky and leaving several injured, the NHK Japanese broadcaster reported.

British Fighter Jets May Begin Airstrikes Against IS in Iraq Today
2014-09-27 02:44:00
British Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter jets ready to begin airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) militant group positions in Iraq as early as today, Sky News reported Saturday.

Rosneft, ExxonMobil Discover Oil in Kara Sea Drilling: Rosneft
2014-09-27 00:55:00
Russian oil company, Rosneft and American oil and gas corporation, ExxonMobil have discovered oil during drilling on the Universitetskaya-1 well in the Kara Sea, Rosneft said in a statement Saturday.

Hong Kong Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Student?s Pro-Democracy Riot: Reports
2014-09-27 00:54:00
Police in Hong Kong used pepper spray to disperse a crowd Saturday, after more than 1,000 school pupils joined a series of demonstrations to oppose Beijing's decision in late August to rule out fully democratic elections for the city's leader in 2017, Reuters reported.

Kosachev: Humanitarian Cooperation Between Russia, Ukraine Despite Political Views
2014-09-27 00:39:00
Humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Ukraine is developing despite political differences and Rossotrudnichestvo plans to open branches in Kharkov, Dnipropestrovsk, Odessa and Lviv, Konstantin Kosachev, the head of Rossotrudnichestvo, a Russian agency that promotes international assistance said during the 12th Annual Session of the Rhodes Forum, "Dialogue of Civilizations."

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Head Says Ground War Required to Battle IS
2014-09-26 20:48:00
Ground force is crucial in fighting the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Martin Dempsey has told the press.

Kerry: US to Press for Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Ratification
2014-09-26 19:31:00
The United States strives for the ratification of a Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) by the international community, US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Rouhani Says Iran in Nuclear Energy Talks With Russia to Continue Cooperation
2014-09-26 18:26:00
Tehran is currently discussing nuclear energy projects with Russia and will continue to cooperate with Moscow on the issue, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said Saturday.

US Launches New Anti-IS Airstrikes in Syria
2014-09-26 17:58:00
The United States have carried out a new series of airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) positions on the Syrian territory, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported Saturday, citing an anonymous US defense official.

Kerry Says US Hopes to Reach Iranian Nuclear Deal in ?Next Weeks?: Agency
2014-09-26 17:03:00
Washington hopes to reach a deal on Iranian nuclear program in the upcoming weeks, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported Saturday, citing US Secretary of State John Kerry.

US, Iran Have No Benefit in Confrontation: Iranian President
2014-09-26 16:56:00
The conflict between the United States and Iran is not beneficial to either party; the two countries must attempt to restore mutual trust, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday.

Agreements on Iranian Nuclear Program Must Consider Iranian People Rights
2014-09-26 16:33:00
When working on final agreement on Iranian nuclear program, interests of both sides should be considered, and rights of Iranian people must be taken into account, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told reporters in New York, where he attended the UN General Assembly.

All Actions Against IS Must Be Carried out With Consent of Legitimate Authorities: Rouhani
2014-09-26 16:18:00
All actions against Islamic State (IS) militants and other extremists in the Middle East must be carried out with consent of legitimate authorities, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told reporters in New York, where he attended the UN General Assembly.

Last Round of Talks Between Iran, P5+1 Group Showed Slow Progress: Rouhani
2014-09-26 15:53:00
There was very slow progress during last round of talks between Iran and P5+1 group of international mediators, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told reporters in New York, where he attended the UN General Assembly.

Rouhani Says All Sanctions Against Iran Including UNSC-Adopted Illegal
2014-09-26 15:43:00
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Friday that all sanctions against Iran, including the ones, adopted by the United Nations Security Council, are illegal.

Scottish National Party to Oppose UK Military Action Against IS in Iraq: Leader
2014-09-26 15:15:00
The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) at Westminster, Angus Robertson, said Friday that his party will not support a British Government motion, authorizing military action in Iraq.

Iran Nuclear Make Progress, But Lack Political Decisions: Russian Foreign Ministry
2014-09-26 15:14:00
Iran and the so-called P5+1 international mediation group have made significant progress in the talks on Iranian nuclear program; further development could be achieved only by political decisions, Russia?s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

Ebola Death Toll in West Africa Exceeds 3,000
2014-09-26 14:50:00
Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has killed at least 3,091 people, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday.

Russia to Demand Open Investigation of Mass Murders in East Ukraine: Lavrov
2014-09-26 13:44:00
Moscow will strongly demand an open and independent investigation into the case of mass graves, recently discovered in eastern Ukraine's conflict-torn Donetsk Region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

Lavrov Says 'Cautiously Optimistic' on Iran Nuclear Talks
2014-09-26 13:28:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday he remained 'cautiously optimistic' about the prospects of talks between international mediators and Tehran on Iran's nuclear program.

Iran's nuclear program
2014-09-26 13:28:00

Lavrov Says Russia to Not Succumb to US Sanctions Pressure
2014-09-26 13:14:00
Moscow has not initiated the current standoff with the United Nations and will not succumb to its sanctions pressure, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

NATO Seeks Expansion to Eastern Europe
2014-09-26 13:11:00

US-Japanese Bilateral Defense Agreement Revision to be Postponed
2014-09-26 12:54:43
The planned revision of the Guidelines for Japan-United States Defense Cooperation is likely to be postponed, the Japan Times reports.

Lavrov: Moscow Insists on Anti-IS Coalition Establishing Coordination With Damascus
2014-09-26 12:49:00
The US-led international coalition against Islamic State (IS) militants must establishing coordination with Syrian authorities and work together as a team, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

Russia Vows Assistance in Dialogue Between Kiev and East Ukraine - Lavrov
2014-09-26 12:38:00
Moscow will do everything possible to assist in coordinating a successful dialogue between Kiev and self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

Lavrov Denies Russia Aiming to Undermine Ukrainian Economy
2014-09-26 12:27:00
Russia is not planning to undermine the Ukrainian economy, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

Lavrov: Russia Ready to Provide Experts to Assist in Fight Against Ebola Epidemic
2014-09-26 12:05:00
Russia is ready to send its experts to Sierra-Leone to assist in the fight against the Ebola virus epidemic, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters Friday.

Russian Foreign Minister: Ukrainian Crisis Caused by Crisis in European Security System
2014-09-26 12:02:00
The situation in Ukraine is the result of the crisis of the European security system, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

Abbas Calls for Immediate End to Israeli Occupation in UN Address
2014-09-26 11:33:00
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Friday for an immediate end to Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, as it continues to block the achievement of a peace deal between the conflicting sides.

Abbas Calls for Immediate End of Israeli Occupation in UN Address
2014-09-26 11:33:00
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Friday for an immediate end to Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, as it continues to block the achievement of a peace deal between the conflicting sides.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Standoff Continues
2014-09-26 11:33:00

British Lawmakers Approve UK Airstrikes Against ISIL in Iraq
2014-09-26 11:19:00
The British parliament voted on Friday in favor of UK airstrikes against ISIL (Islamic State) militants in Iraq as part of the international effort to curb the advance of the fundamentalist group across the Middle East.

Russian Energy Minister: Russia Could Give Ukraine $100 Gas Price Discount for Six Months
2014-09-26 10:04:00
Russia could grant Ukraine a $100 gas price discount under the existing contract between Russia's gas giant Gazprom and Ukraine's Naftogaz, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Friday.

Russia to Hold Direct Talks with Ukraine on Gas Issue: European Energy Commissioner
2014-09-26 09:54:00
Russia will hold direct talks with Ukraine on the issue of gas supplies next week, European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said Friday, following trilateral gas talks in Berlin.

Czech President Urges to Lift Russian Sanctions, Fight Islamic State
2014-09-26 09:46:00
Czech President Milos Zeman urged during the 12th Rhodes Forum Friday to lift the sanctions imposed on Russia and to combine the efforts of developed countries to confront the real enemy - international terrorism and the dangers of the Islamic state (IS) plans.

Russia Could Deliver Gas to Ukraine at $385 Per 1,000 Cubic Meters: Energy Commissioner
2014-09-26 09:44:00
Russia could deliver 5 billion cubic meters of gas to Ukraine at $385 per 1,000 cubic meters under a plan proposed at the trilateral gas talks in Berlin, according to European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger.

Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile: Reports
2014-09-26 09:41:00
Pakistan has successfully tested the Hatf IX (NASR) short range surface-to-surface missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads, Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) service announced Friday.

Energy Commissioner: EU Offers Ukraine to Pay Russia $3.1 Billion to Cover Debt
2014-09-26 09:33:00
The European Union has proposed that Ukraine pay Russia $3.1 billion to cover its debt to Russia's gas giant Gazprom, European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said Friday.

New Afghani Leaders Should Focus on Tackling Human Rights Problems: HRW
2014-09-26 09:24:00
Afghanistan's newly elected leaders should make all efforts to address the country's persistent human rights problems, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a letter to Afghani government Friday.

UK's Former Senior Law Officer: 'Legal Framework' Exists to Allow Bombing of IS In Syria
2014-09-26 09:19:00
The former Attorney General for England and Wales, Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, has told MPs Friday that the "legal framework" exists to extend military operations against Islamic State (IS) in Syria as well as Iraq.

Scotland Calls on London To Follow Through On Promises, Asks For Extra Powers On Fracking
2014-09-26 09:13:00
Scottish government calls on London to follow through on its promises made during the referendum campaign, and to give Edinburgh extra powers, which must cover fracking, BBC reported Friday.

Coalition Air Forces Strike IS-Controlled Oil Refineries in Syria Second Time
2014-09-26 09:13:00
The United States and its allies on Friday morning launched a new round of airstrikes against oil refineries held by Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, according to Al Mayadeen television channel.

Jabhat Al-Nusra Threatens to Expand Attacks in Lebanon
2014-09-26 09:05:00
The Jabhat al-Nusra radical group threatened to expand its activity in Lebanon on Friday, confirming that its operations are not limited to the Syria-Lebanon border area and are conducted in Lebanon's central regions.

Chinese Vessel Sailing in Japan?s Waters off Disputed Senkaku Islands: Reports
2014-09-26 08:51:00
A Chinese vessel is apparently conducting a maritime survey in Japan's exclusive economic zone off the disputed Senkaku Islands, Japan's national public broadcasting organization NHK reported Friday.

Poll Shows 57% of Britons Favor Airstrikes On IS As UK Parliament Debates Motion
2014-09-26 08:48:00
Over half of Britons speak in favor of Royal Air Force (RAF) airstrikes on the Islamic State (IS) militant group' positions in Iraq, while UK Parliament is expected to back this motion today, according to the new YouGov poll.

Malaysian Police Detains Potential IS Fighters: Reports
2014-09-26 08:31:00
Malaysian police have arrested three suspects, who wanted to leave the country to travel to Syria and fight for the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization, Sky News Arabia reported on Friday.

Prime Minister: Denmark Joins International Anti-IS Campaign in Iraq
2014-09-26 08:14:00
Denmark has joined the US-led international coalition to combat Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said Friday.

Ukraine?s Law on Lustration
2014-09-26 07:58:00
The word "lustration" is derived from the Latin "lustratio," meaning "cleansing."

IS Militants Use Explosives-Rigged Donkeys in Terrorist Plots
2014-09-26 07:52:00
Iraqi sappers have defused explosives on six donkeys, rigged by the Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq?s central province Diyala, official representative of the police department of the province Col. Ghalib al-Attiyah told Iraqi TV channel Alsumaria on Friday.

New US Defense Department Policy to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Serve
2014-09-26 07:48:00
Some immigrants living in the United States illegally, but approved by the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) policy, will have an opportunity to serve in the country's military under a new US Defense Department policy.

Spanish Prime Minister To Question Catalonia Referendum in Council of Ministers
2014-09-26 07:43:00
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will address the Council of Ministers on Monday in order to discuss and appeal against the Catalonia independence referendum decree, which is due to be signed tomorrow by the leader of Catalonia region, Artur Mas, Spanish news agency EFE reported Friday.

Number of People Running from Conflicts in Syria, Iraq Grows: UNHCR
2014-09-26 07:43:00
"Asylum Trends" report issued by the UNHCR, United Nations Refugee Agency, Friday says the number of asylum claims from Syria, Iraq and other conflict-torn countries increased in the first half of 2014.

UK Foreign Policy In Middle East 'Contradictory', Says Anti-War Coalition
2014-09-26 07:27:00
British support for air strikes in Iraq against the Islamic State (IS) raises questions about the "contradictory nature" of UK foreign policy, Ian Chamberlain, spokesman for the Stop the War Coalition has told RIA Novosti on Friday.

Indian Prime Minister Faces Charges in US for Condoning Killings in Gujarat Riots
2014-09-26 07:15:00
The US Federal Court has issued summons against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his alleged role in riots against Muslims in the state of Gujarat back in 2002 when he was a chief minister there, The New York Times reported Friday.

Up to 50,000 Militants Fighting in IS Ranks: Russia?s Security Council
2014-09-26 06:21:00
Up to 50,000 militants are currently fighting within the ranks of Islamic State (IS) terrorist groups, and this number is growing as extremists from a number of states including the CIS are joining them, Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev said Friday.

Cameron: No Legal Barrier to Airstrikes in Syria
2014-09-26 06:16:00
There is no legal barrier to more action against the Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, but this option is not yet at the table , UK Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday.

Cameron: Syria, Iraq Both Need Democratic Gov?t, Iran Has Role to Play
2014-09-26 05:51:00
Syria and Iraq both need democratic government and Iran can play a role in bringing a better government in these countries, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday.

Syria, Iraq Both Need Democratic Gov?t, Iran Has Role to Play ? Cameron
2014-09-26 05:51:00
Syria and Iraq both need democratic government and Iran can play a role in bringing a better government in these countries, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday.

China, India Agree to Pull Back Troops After Two-Week-Long Border Standoff: Reports
2014-09-26 05:48:00
China and India have agreed to a withdrawal of troops after a two week-long standoff near their de-facto border, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj was quoted as saying by the Indian NDTV television channel Friday.

Spokesperson: Scotland?s Largest Political Party Undecided on Airstrikes Issue
2014-09-26 05:44:00
Scotland's largest political party, the Scottish National Party (SNP), has refused to confirm whether it will back British airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) positions in Iraq during the Friday Parliamentary vote on the issue.

Cameron: UK Needs to Make Sure Iraq?s Gov?t Supports Shia, Sunni, Kurds
2014-09-26 05:38:00
The United Kingdom needs to make sure that the Iraqi government promotes unity among the Shia, Sunni, and Kurds, British Prime Minister David Cameron told parliament Friday.

Kremlin Aide: Russia to Sign NPP Construction Deal With Kazakhstan by Year-End
2014-09-26 05:35:00
Moscow expects to sign an agreement with Astana to build a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan by the end of the year, an aide to the Russian president said Friday.

British Prime Minister: Airstrikes Insufficient to Defeat Islamic State
2014-09-26 05:27:00
The Islamic State (IS) cannot be defeated by airstrikes alone, British Prime Minister David Cameron told parliament Friday, as British MPs are debating whether or not the United Kingdom should participate in airstrikes against the IS in Iraq.

Cameron: Threat of Radicalization Already in UK
2014-09-26 05:25:00
UK Prime Minister David Cameron addressing parliament Friday said that the threat of radicalization has already spread to Britain as young people are leaving the country to join the ISIL (Islamic State).

Caspian Littoral States Agree to Prevent Military Presence of Other States in Region
2014-09-26 05:22:00
The five Caspian Sea littoral states have agreed to prevent the military presence of foreign states in the region, a Russian presidential aide said Friday.

Cameron Says ISIL Direct Threat to UK?s National Interests
2014-09-26 05:16:00
UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday that the ISIL (the Islamic State) group poses a serious threat to the country?s national interests.

Cameron: Action Against Islamic State in Iraq Needs to Be Coordinated with Sunnis
2014-09-26 05:07:00
A military campaign against the ISIL (the Islamic State) should necessarily be coordinated with the Iraqi Sunni community, said UK Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday.

Putin, Abe May Meet During APEC Summit: Kremlin
2014-09-26 04:53:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin may meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in November, Putin?s aide Yuri Ushakov said Friday.

Foreign Secretary: UK Ready to Extend Airstrikes Against IS Into Syria
2014-09-26 04:50:00
The United Kingdom is prepared to make the case to extend airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) beyond Iraq into Syria, if the circumstances call for it, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Friday.

Kim Jong-un May Be Suffering from Gout: South Korean Media
2014-09-26 04:38:00
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was nowhere to be found during the second session of the country?s parliament this Thursday, and hasn?t appeared in public for over three weeks, leading to speculation among the South Korean media that he may be suffering from gout.

Kremlin Aide: Putin, Poroshenko May Meet in Europe, But Date Not Discussed Yet
2014-09-26 04:26:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin may meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko in Europe, but the date of such meeting is yet unknown, a Russian president?s aide said Friday.

Lavrov Assures Iraqi Prime Minister of Russia?s Readiness to Support Struggle Against IS
2014-09-26 04:13:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed at a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi that Russia is ready to support the country's authorities in their struggle against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Chief: Sanctions on Russian Banks' Access to Western Markets Affecting Russian Railways
2014-09-26 04:08:00
The restriction of Russian banks' access to Western financial markets have a direct impact on Russian Railways, the company's president Vladimir Yakunin told RIA Novosti in an interview Friday.

LPR Deputy Prime Minister: Luhansk, Russia Agree on Gas Deliveries
2014-09-26 04:04:00
A deputy prime minister of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People?s Republic (LPR) said Friday a gas delivery agreement was reached with Russia in case Kiev cuts supplies to the breakaway region.

Russian Envoy: OSCE Considering Civilian Peacekeeping Operation in Ukraine
2014-09-26 03:55:00
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is considering a new role for the organization in Ukraine ? a civilian peacekeeping operation, Russia's OSCE permanent representative Andrei Kelin said during a video linkup hosted by RIA Novosti on Friday.

Russian Envoy: OSCE Has No Evidence of Russian Military Action in East Ukraine
2014-09-26 03:51:00
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has so far found no evidence of Russian military involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, Russia's OSCE envoy said Friday.

Company Head: Russian Railways Expecting Changes in Rail Services Ahead of 2018 World Cup
2014-09-26 03:50:00
Russian Railways expects adjustments to the country's railway services during FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, the company's President Vladimir Yakunin told RIA Novosti in an interview on Friday.

Russian Diplomat: Austrian Firm Provides 4 UAVs to Monitor Truce in Ukraine
2014-09-26 03:43:00
An Austrian company has provided four unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to monitor the ceasefire in Ukraine, two more countries have also expressed their readiness to contribute drones, a senior Russian diplomat said Friday.

Diplomat: Russia to Demand International Probe into Donetsk Mass Graves
2014-09-26 03:40:00
Moscow will demand an independent international investigation to establish facts about mass graves recently discovered in eastern Ukraine?s war-torn Donetsk region, a senior Russian diplomat said Friday.

China Raises Death Toll of Xinjiang Violence
2014-09-26 03:21:00
The death toll from violence in China's far western Xinjiang Region has increased to 50 from two, Bloomberg reported Friday, citing news website Tianshan Net.

Britain?s Biggest Trade Union Urges Wage Increase for Job Creation: Reports
2014-09-26 03:12:00
Britain's largest trade union Unite has urged the government to increase the country's minimum wage to 7.81 pounds ($12.74) an hour from the current 6.31 pounds ($10.29) an hour, saying it can create at least 30,000 new jobs, a report it published Friday said.

Russian Diplomat: Not All Heavy Weaponry Withdrawn From Line of Contact in East Ukraine
2014-09-26 02:58:00
The Kiev government forces and eastern Ukrainian militia are yet to remove all their heavy weaponry from the line of contact, Russia's envoy to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Andrei Kelin said Friday.

Ukrainian Officials Failing to Pass Lustration Face 10-Year Ban From Holding Public Posts
2014-09-26 02:16:00
Ukrainian officials failing to pass anti-corruption screenings may be banned from holding public posts for 10 years, according to the bill on lustration published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament.

Russia, Ukraine, EU to Hold Gas Talks at Ministerial Level
2014-09-26 02:13:00
A tripartite meeting at the ministerial level among Russia, Ukraine and the European Union on gas issues will be held Friday in Berlin.

Soyuz Spacecraft?s Cosmonauts ?Float? Into ISS: Mission Control Center
2014-09-26 01:47:00
Russian cosmonauts Alexander Samokutyaev, Elena Serova and US astronaut Barry Wilmore "floated" into the International Space Station (ISS) when the hatches between the Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft and the ISS opened, Mission Control Center reported Friday.

Number of Dengue Fever Cases in Japan Reaches 144: Ministry of Health
2014-09-26 01:31:00
The number of dengue fever cases in Japan has reached 144, almost doubling in the past two and a half weeks, while one more park in Tokyo is believed to be a hotbed of the disease, Japan's Health Ministry said Friday.

FBI Identifies IS Militant Who Beheaded US Journalists
2014-09-26 01:11:00
The FBI has identified a masked, knife-wielding Islamic State militant who features as the presumed executioner in videos of the beheading of two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, but has declined to reveal the person?s name or nationality, Reuters reported on Thursday, quoting FBI Director James Comey.

Moldovan Authorities Hope to Normalize Trade Relations With Russia
2014-09-26 00:04:00
Moldova hopes the normalization of its trade relations with Russia will contribute to the continuation of the dialogue between the two countries in accordance with the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, Moldova's Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Natalia Gherman said at the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Four Children Stabbed to Death in China: Reports
2014-09-25 23:26:00
An unknown man wielding a knife has stabbed four school children to death in southern China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, local authorities.

Dutch Prime Minister Calls to Speed Up Identification of MH17 Crash Victims
2014-09-25 23:05:00
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has urged to speed up the victim identification process in the Malaysian Boeing crash.

Jammed Solar Battery Aboard Soyuz Unfolds After Successful Docking with ISS
2014-09-25 22:25:00
The head of Russia?s space agency Roscosmos told journalists Friday that the jammed solar battery on the manned Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft eventually unfolded after the ship berthed with the International Space Station.

Cuba to Deploy 400-Strong Medical Team to Africa to Fight Ebola
2014-09-25 21:55:23
Cuba is preparing to dispatch a team of 461 doctors to Africa as the death toll in the Ebola outbreak is climbing to 3,000, according to a local health official.

Manned Soyuz Spacecraft Docks With ISS Despite Solar Battery Failure
2014-09-25 21:25:00
Russia's manned Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft has successfully docked with the International Space Station after reports said it had failed to unfold one of the two stowed solar arrays, a spokesman of the Roscosmos space agency told RIA Novosti early Friday.

One of Soyuz TMA-14M?s Solar Panels Fails to Unfold After Rocket Blasts Off for ISS
2014-09-25 17:21:00
One of the two solar panels aboard Russia's manned Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft has so far been unable to unfold, a source in the mission control center of the Russian Federal Space Agency told RIA Novosti early Friday.

Russia Launches First Female Cosmonaut to ISS In 17 Years
2014-09-25 15:40:00
A female Russian cosmonaut, Yelena Serova, was launched into Earth orbit on Thursday night aboard Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft, ending spaceflight's 17-year male "hegemony," a RIA Novosti correspondent has reported from the launching ground.

Yemeni Health Minister: At least 270 People Killed in Sanaa Fighting
2014-09-25 15:08:04
At least 270 people were killed during last week's clashes between the government forces and followers of the Shiite Houthi movement in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, Health Minister Ahmed al-Ansi said Thursday.

Ban Ki-moon: Libya Faces Deep Crisis as Violence Continues
2014-09-25 13:43:00
Libya faces major humanitarian problems following months of ?unprecedented violence?, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday.

Turkish Diplomat: Military Operation in Syria Against IS Must Seek UN's Approval
2014-09-25 12:34:00
A military operation against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria is possible only with the UN Security Council's authorization, Osman Faruk Logoglu, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, told International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya on Thursday.

Iraqi Prime Minister Says IS Plans Terrorist Attacks in France, US: Reports
2014-09-25 12:21:00
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said Thursday that the Iraqi intelligence had uncovered the Islamic State (IS) militants' plans to carry out a series of attacks on subways in Paris and some US cities, Reuters reported.

Ferguson Police Issues Apology to Parents of Killed Teenager
2014-09-25 11:58:00
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson apologized Thursday to the parents of Michael Brown, an African-American teenager who was shot dead last month by a police officer in the Missouri town.

Second Spanish Missionary Dies from Ebola: Reports
2014-09-25 11:39:00
A Spanish priest who became infected with the Ebola virus while serving at a Sierra Leone hospital died Thursday in a Madrid hospital, Spanish media said citing medical sources.

Hiroshima May Host Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Conference
2014-09-25 11:23:00
Hiroshima, one of the two Japanese cities to have been hit by a nuclear bomb, is set to host the conference of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization?s group of eminent persons, the Japan Times reported.

HRW Urges Russia To Investigate Incident with Activists Banned From UN Conference
2014-09-25 11:10:00
Human Rights Watch called on Moscow Thursday to investigate a recent incident when Russian activists for indigenous peoples? rights were banned by the country's officials from traveling to a United Nations conference.

ECB President: Russia?s Economic Slowdown To Affect EU
2014-09-25 10:43:00
Russia's economic slowdown will negatively affect European markets, the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi said at a press conference in Vilnius.

Obama Urges Quick Global Response to Ebola Outbreak
2014-09-25 10:36:00
US President Barack Obama on Thursday urged the international community to increase its consolidated efforts in the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Catalan Leader Expected to Sign Decree on Holding Independence Referendum: Reports
2014-09-25 10:34:00
The leader of the Spanish region of Catalonia Artur Mas is expected to sign a decree on holding an independence referendum on Saturday, El Pais reported on Thursday, citing sources in the local government.

Pakistani Police Officer Shoots Elderly Briton on Death Row
2014-09-25 10:32:00
An elderly, mentally ill British man convicted to death for blasphemy in Pakistan was shot and injured on Thursday by a local police officer, the legal charity Reprieve reported.

Iran Denies Seeking Domination Over Muslim Countries in Mideast
2014-09-25 10:18:00
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday dismissed claims that Tehran is seeking domination in the Muslim world as an attempt to fuel and spread Iranophobia.

Media Gets Latest Info on ?Russian Forces in Ukraine? from Junior NATO Clerk
2014-09-25 10:05:31
NATO?s official statement on the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine was sent by a junior NATO clerk by email, Rossiya Segodnya reported.

Iran Says Ready for 'Good Faith' Nuclear Deal with West
2014-09-25 10:00:00
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reaffirmed on Thursday Tehran's readiness to continue work on securing a historic nuclear deal with the West, but insisted that Iran will not give up its peaceful nuclear program.

Iran's Rouhani Blames West for Spread of Extremisn in Middle East
2014-09-25 09:47:00
Non-peaceful interference by the West in the developments in the Middle East and Central Asia have fueled violence and extremism in the region, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday.

Adviser to Berlusconi: Western Sanctions Bring Russia ?Dangerously? Close to China, India
2014-09-25 09:40:00
European economic sanctions against Russia are dangerous for Europe's economy as they result in strengthening ties between Russia, China and India, Giovanni Toti, an adviser to Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya.

Native Tribes Urge British Columbia Gov?t to Choose Between LNG, Dam Projects: Reports
2014-09-25 09:39:00
The First Nations of British Columbia, Canada, said the provincial government should choose between a dam or liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects, as they cannot have both, according to Huffpost British Columbia.

UK Parliament to Convene Friday on Islamic State
2014-09-25 09:14:00
The British Parliament is expected to convene on Friday to approve British involvement in the anti-IS (Islamic State) operation, joining the United States, France and other Middle Eastern countrie

Adviser to Berlusconi: Italy Gave Up Its Initial Stance on Russia to Please US
2014-09-25 09:06:00
Current Italian leaders chose to give up Italy's initial position on Russia in order to please the United States, but the US stance is not beneficial for Italy, Giovanni Toti, political adviser to Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya.

Russia?s NATO Envoy: Cooperation With NATO in Afghanistan Halted
2014-09-25 09:00:00
The cooperation of Russia and NATO in Afghanistan has been halted, including a helicopter project, Russia?s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

Drug Trafficking, Prostitution Accounts For One Third of Spanish GDP Growth in 2013
2014-09-25 08:59:00
Spanish GDP has grown by 2.6 percent, or 26.19 billion euros, a third of which can be accounted for by illegal activities, such as drug trafficking and prostitution, Spanish National Statistics Institute data shows, El Pais reported on Thursday.

Adviser to Berlusconi: EU Should Treat Referendum in Crimea Just Like Scottish Referendum
2014-09-25 08:53:00
It is unfair that the European Union's attitude towards the referendum in Crimea differs from its stance on the Referendum in Scotland, Giovanni Toti, political adviser to Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya.

Mexican Drug Dealers Kidnapping Bus Passengers to Join Cartels: Report
2014-09-25 08:34:00
Cases of kidnapping bus passengers by drug dealers in Mexico to force them to join the ranks of cartels have risen in the past two weeks to three according to Mexican Federal Police, El Pais reported Thursday.

Ukrainian Parliament to Debate Bill Cancelling Non-Alignment Status Soon
2014-09-25 08:29:00
The Ukrainian parliament said Thursday it would debate a bill cancelling the country?s non-alignment status during the next session.

Colorado Students Oppose Censorship, Jingoism in Education
2014-09-25 08:26:00
Hundreds of students from six different schools in a Denver, Colorado suburb have walked out this week in protest over county school board proposals to adopt a history curriculum which would emphasize the values of citizenship, patriotism and respect for authority, 9News Colorado reported.

Myanmar Military Release 109 Child Soldiers: Reports
2014-09-25 08:17:00
The United Nations welcomed the release of 109 children from the Myanmar military, which became its single biggest release of child soldiers, The Guardian reported Thursday.

PACE President Calls For Dialogue Between Azerbaijan's Leadership, Civil Society
2014-09-25 08:07:00
The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Anne Brasseur called on Thursday for a broad dialogue between the authorities, political figures and civil society in Azerbaijan after her three-day visit to the country.

Moscow Says Travel Ban for EU Officials Possible
2014-09-25 07:56:00
Russia may compile its own travel blacklist of European Union officials in response to a similar anti-Russian move by Brussels, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official told RIA Novosti Thursday.

PA OSCE Says Invited Russia to Monitor Ukrainian Parliamentary Vote
2014-09-25 07:27:00
The head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PA OSCE) said Thursday the organization had invited Russia to join international observers at the Ukrainian parliamentary election, but Moscow is yet to reply to the proposal.

French Air Forces Strike Islamic State Targets in Iraq: Paris
2014-09-25 07:08:00
French jets on Thursday hit Islamic State (IS) militants positions on the territory of Iraq, French government spokesman Stephane Le Foll said.

Cuba Sets to Use Marine Tourism to Attract Revenue into Economy
2014-09-25 07:08:00
Cuba is set to promote itself as a port of call for cruise ships in an effort to diversify its tourism industry ? one of the main sources of revenue for the Caribbean island, according to the local media.

Home Deaths Leading to Further Spread of Ebola Virus in Liberia: Reports
2014-09-25 07:01:00
The spread of Ebola is growing in Liberia via the infection among family members in their homes as there are not enough treatment centers for the virus' victims in the capital Monrovia, according to The New York Times.

Qatari Emir: Terrorism Detrimental to Religion
2014-09-25 06:49:00
Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani said at a UN Security Council special session that religion suffers from terrorism, Al Jazeera reported Thursday.

Basque President Urges Spain to Recognize Basque Country as Nation
2014-09-25 06:40:00
The President of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkull, has appealed to Spain's "political elite" to bring the Spanish Constitution in line with the Basque "people's will" and demanded the "recognition of Euskadi [the Basque Country] as a nation", EFE agency reported Thursday.

China Uncovers Over $10Bln in Fraudulent Trade Deals in 2014
2014-09-25 06:34:00
Chinese officials have unveiled more than $10 billion in fraudulent trade this year after a nationwide inspection, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

China, United States to Hold Defense Consultations in October: Chinese Defense Ministry
2014-09-25 06:33:00
China and the United States will hold the 15th China-United States Defense Consultative Talks in October, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) announced Thursday.

Poroshenko Has No Doubt Peace Will Come to Ukraine Soon
2014-09-25 06:29:00
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Thursday he had ?no doubts? that the most dangerous period of the civil conflict in the country is over and peace will be restored soon.

India's Mars Orbiter Cost Only 11 Percent of NASA's Maven Probe: Reports
2014-09-25 06:27:00
ndia's Mangalyaan orbiter reached Mars' orbit Wednesday, becoming the first spacecraft from an Asian country to reach the red planet, but the country hit another record by making the cheapest space probe so far, costing 11 percent of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Maven probe, CNN Money reported Thursday.

Scottish Police Review Alleged Electoral Law Breaches Following Independence Referendum
2014-09-25 06:22:00
Scottish Police confirmed to RIA Novosti they are reviewing alleged breaches of electoral law after the referendum watchdog body, the Electoral Commission, confirmed it was dealing with a number of complaints of a potentially criminal nature related to the Scottish independence referendum.

Australia Forcefully Resettles Gay Asylum Seekers in Papua New Guinea
2014-09-25 06:19:00
Gay asylum seekers who have experienced persecution in their home countries and fled to Australia to seek political protection will allegedly be resettled in Papua New Guinea, where it is illegal to be gay, the Guardian reports.

Damascus Supports New UN Security Council Resolution on Terrorism: Reports
2014-09-25 06:06:00
The Syrian government supports the new UN Security Council resolution on fighting terrorism, SANA reported Thursday, citing Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari.

Chief of Russia's Islamic Committee: US Coordinated Anti-IS Attacks in Syria with Assad
2014-09-25 06:03:00
Syria was not only notified of the US airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) group on its territory but also provided Washington with a list of targets, the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Heydar Jemal said Thursday.

Syrian Official: Islamic State 'Fruit' of US-led 2003 Iraq Invasion
2014-09-25 06:03:00
The establishment and rapid advance of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group in the Middle East was provoked by the American invasion in Iraq in 2003, a representative for Syria?s Democratic Union party Abd Salam Muhammad Ali said Thursday.

Asian Countries Hope for Lower LNG Prices After Weakening of Oil Dependence: Reports
2014-09-25 05:58:00
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) consumers in Asia are expecting a weakening of the oil-based pricing model, growing gas supplies and an evolving market will help lower its prices in the next two or three years, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

PA OSCE Observers May Visit East Ukraine Ahead of October 26 Parliamentary Election
2014-09-25 05:56:00
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) may send its observers to East Ukraine?s Donbas region to arrange monitoring of the forthcoming October 26 Ukrainian parliamentary elections, the assembly?s chief said Thursday.

French Air Force Could Strike IS Positions in Iraq Thursday: Reports
2014-09-25 05:35:00
The French Air Force could strike positions of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization in Iraq on Thursday, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told RTL radio Thursday morning.

Russian Oil Companies Under Western Sanctions May Get Priority to Existing Fields
2014-09-25 05:31:00
Four Russian ministries are working on a set of measures, including preferential access to existing fields, to support Russian oil companies that were sanctioned by the West over the Ukrainian crisis, Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov told journalists Thursday.

Saudi Pilots Involved in IS Strikes Receive Threats on Twitter After Their Photos Released
2014-09-25 05:19:00
Saudi pilots involved in airstrikes on the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization have received threats on Twitter after Saudi Arabia's news agency released pictures of them, The Guardian reports.

IS Blows Up Muslim Shrine in Iraq: Reports
2014-09-25 05:19:00
The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has destroyed the Arbaeen Wali shrine in Iraq, Al Arabiya reported Thursday, citing a security source.

Minister: Russia Plans to Get Mistral Warship in Fall, as Scheduled
2014-09-25 05:17:00
Russia expects France to deliver the first Mistral-class helicopter carrier this fall, as scheduled, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said Thursday.

Almost Half of Lithuanians Against Introduction of Euro: Poll
2014-09-25 05:15:00
Almost half of the population of Lithuania oppose the introduction of the euro in their country scheduled for January 2015, according results of a Eurobarometer poll released Thursday.

French Foreign Minister: Beheading of French Hostage by IS-Linked Militants ?Infamy?
2014-09-25 05:14:00
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has condemned the execution of a French hostage carried out by Algerian jihadists linked to the Islamic State (IS) group in an interview to France Info radio Thursday.

UK Human Rights Campaigner: Donetsk Should Inform UN, ICC About Mass Graves
2014-09-25 05:10:00
The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic should inform the United Nations (UN) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) about the mass graves of civilians found near the city of Donetsk, John Laughland, one of the founders of the British Helsinki Human Rights Group said Thursday.

Michelle Obama Challenges World Leaders to Provide Primary Education to Girls Worldwide
2014-09-25 04:52:00
The First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has challenged world leaders to stand by their commitment to the second Millennium Development Goal, providing primary education to all girls, The Guardian reported Thursday.

UK Teen Jihadist Allegedly Killed by US Airstrikes in Syria: Reports
2014-09-25 04:18:00
British teenager Ibrahim Kamara, who went to Syria to fight for Islamic State (IS) militants in the region, is believed to have been killed by US airstrikes and to be the first British fighter eliminated by the US forces in Syria, The Guardian reported.

Bill on Status of Breakaway Ukrainian Regions Under Scrutiny in Rada?s Statutory Committee
2014-09-25 04:11:00
Bills granting amnesty to independence supporters and special status to breakaway regions, will be submitted to the president for signing only after being checked by the parliament?s statutory committee, Verkhovna Rada Chairman Oleksandr Turchynov said Thursday.

Malaysian Prime Minister: Safe Access to MH17 Crash Site Still Lacking
2014-09-25 04:07:00
Despite the ceasefire, the situation in Ukraine is not conducive for international investigators to re-enter the MH17 crash site, the Malaysian and Ukrainian prime ministers concluded after meeting at the United Nations.

UK Green Party Seeking to Join TV Election Debates Alongside Cameron: Reports
2014-09-25 03:55:00
The Green Party of England and Wales is seeking to include its leader, Natalie Bennett, in televised election debates alongside David Cameron and the like, aimed at gaining political influence beyond the climate and anti-fracking protests that it is mainly known for, The Guardian reported Thursday.

World Maritime Day
2014-09-25 03:55:00
World Maritime Day, an event prioritizing the preservation of biological, natural and recreational maritime resources for future generations is being celebrated on September 25.

Ukraine Parliament Head Signs Bill on Vetting of Ukrainian Officials
2014-09-25 03:46:00
A bill aimed at vetting officials, empowered to perform state or local self-government functions, was signed by the chairman of the Ukrainian parliament Thursday and will be submitted for signing to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko soon.

Australia's Resettlement Deal With Cambodia Fails to Protect Refugees: Human Rights Watch
2014-09-25 03:29:00
Human Rights Watch has opposed Australia's asylum-seeker resettlement deal with Cambodia that Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirmed he will sign Friday, saying it does not meet Australia's commitment to resettle refugees in a safe third country.

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman Taking Measures to Prevent MERS-CoV Outbreak Ahead of Hajj
2014-09-25 03:08:00
The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman are taking all necessary precautionary measures ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca to prevent the spread of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

Russia Sends List of Unanswered Questions to MH17 Investigators
2014-09-25 03:01:00
Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) said Thursday it had sent a list of questions about the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine to an international panel investigating the disaster.

Scientists: Russia's Fukushima Fallout Expedition to Help Develop Safer Nuclear Plants
2014-09-25 02:46:00
Data collected by the Russian expedition which left Vladivostok for the Sea of Japan on Thursday to study the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, will be used for ensuring the safe development of nuclear energy, Stanislav Shabelev, the head of the laboratory for radio-ecological safety at the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering, told journalists.

US Tourist Detained in North Korea Begins 6-Year Labor Camp Sentence: Reports
2014-09-25 02:36:00
US citizen Matthew Miller, arrested in April in North Korea for violating his tourist status, has begun his six-year sentence in a labor camp Thursday, CNN reported.

Former US President: Success of Anti-IS Operation ?Not Guaranteed?
2014-09-25 01:43:00
The success of the operation against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization is not guaranteed, former US President Bill Clinton told CNN.

Kiev Uses Civilians in Prisoner of War Swap With Independence Supporters: Reports
2014-09-25 01:29:00
Kiev has swapped a group of men, women and teenagers who never fought in eastern Ukraine's armed conflict for actual prisoners of war previously held by the independence supporters of Donetsk and Luhansk, The New York Times reported.

Tropical Storm Rachel Forms off Mexico Coast
2014-09-25 01:12:00
The Rachel tropical storm is forming off the Pacific coast of Mexico, the 17th storm in 2014 in the Eastern Pacific Basin, The Weather Channel reported.

US to Expand Largest Marine Reserve in Pacific Ocean: White House
2014-09-25 01:10:00
The president of the United States has announced the expansion of the world's largest marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean, the White House press office announced in a statement published on its website Thursday.

Russian Envoy Slams Ukrainian Prime Minister's Address to UN Assembly
2014-09-25 00:56:00
Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has criticized the speech delivered by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the UN General Assembly.

Marathon Bombing Suspect Trial to Remain in Boston
2014-09-25 00:16:00
A judge has rescheduled the trial of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, granting a two-month delay, but has refused to move it from Boston to Washington DC, the Associated Press reported early on Thursday.

Hundreds of Boko Haram Militants Surrender in Nigeria
2014-09-25 00:14:00
Nigerian military authorities say that hundreds of Boko Haram militants surrendered in Nigeria and Cameroon on Wednesday, according to the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Prime Minister: Malaysia Might Hold Talks with Independence Supporters in Eastern Ukraine
2014-09-24 23:22:00
Kiev is unable to guarantee safe access for the international investigation team to the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash site, so Malaysia does not rule out the possibility of holding negotiations with the independence supporters to allow safe passage, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said after his meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Malaysia's governmental news agency Bernama reported Thursday.

US-led Coalition Targets Oil Refineries in Syria
2014-09-24 23:00:00
The US-led coalition to combat the Islamic State (IS) targeted oil facilities in Syria during its the third night of airstrikes. These strikes killed five civilians, including one child, and 14 IS fighters, the AFP reported on Thursday, quoting the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Japan Could Review, Cancel Sanctions Against Russia: Foreign Ministry
2014-09-24 22:54:00
Japan could review or even cancel sanctions against Russia if Moscow takes evident action for the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, according to Japan's foreign ministry.

Ban Ki-Moon: Over 13,000 Foreign Fighters Work for Islamic State, Al-Nusra
2014-09-24 22:07:00
The United Nations estimates that over 13 thousand foreign terrorist fighters from over 80 UN-member states work for the Islamic State (IS) radical group, as well as the al-Nusra Front, according to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

EU Laments Frenchman?s Murder, Pledges Further Support Against Islamic State
2014-09-24 15:26:53
The European Union has expressed condolences in connection with the murder by the Islamic State (IS) of the French national Hervé Gourdel and has pledged to contribute to the international fight against the militant group, reads the statement published on the union's website Wednesday.

Russian Food Imports Ban to Hurt 9.5 Mln European Farmers
2014-09-24 14:30:06
Russia's restrictions on food imports from the European Union can potentially hurt some 9.5 million European farmers, according to the estimates voiced Wednesday by the European Parliament.

OSCE Report from Ukraine Mass Graves Site Reveals Civilians Massacred in Late August
2014-09-24 14:17:00
The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission investigating the site of mass graves 35 kilometers away from the city of Donetsk in Ukraine found signs indicating that at least several civilians were butchered in late August, according to a SMM report published Wednesday.

China Offers Benin Ebola Prevention Materials: Reports
2014-09-24 13:44:00
The government of China has offered Ebola disease prevention materials worth $840,000 to Benin, an unnamed source in Cotonou told Xinhua on Wednesday.

10,000 Child Combatants Fighting in South Sudan: UNICEF Official
2014-09-24 13:34:06
The number of child soldiers, fighting in South Sudan has risen to almost 10,000, UNICEF chief for child protection in the country Fatuma Ibrahim told Anadolu Agency Wednesday.

Canada?s Parole Board Denies Parole to Toronto 18 Ringleader: Reports
2014-09-24 12:53:00
The Parole Board of Canada has denied early parole to Fahim Ahmad, the ringleader of Toronto 18 who conspired to break into Parliament and decapitate politicians back in 2006, The Globe And Mail reported Wednesday.

Lavrov: Obama Failed to Give His UN Address 'Peace-Striving' Appeal
2014-09-24 12:11:00
US President Barack Obama has failed to convey his 'strive for peace' in the address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday as he kept accusing Moscow of interference in the Ukrainian crisis and put Russia in second place on the list of key global threats, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Obama: Ferguson Protests Showcase ?Ethnic Tensions? in US
2014-09-24 11:52:00
US President Barack Obama told world leaders at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday that the country is still facing racial and ethnic problems, referring to the recent protests following the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.

Russia's Lavrov Calls US Interference in Ukrainian Internal Affairs 'Inappropriate'
2014-09-24 11:36:00
Events in Ukraine are an internal affair of that country, and it is inappropriate to dictate the conflicting sides how to implement ceasefire agreements, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

Damascus Confirms Coalition Airstrike on Syrian Territory Bordering Iraq: Reports
2014-09-24 11:24:00
Damascus confirmed Wednesday that the international coalition fighting terrorism had conducted airstrikes on Islamic State (IS) militant positions in Syria's Deir Ezzor province on the border with Iraq, Syrian Arab News Agency SANA has reported.

Two Quakes Hit off Japan?s Stricken Fukushima Prefecture
2014-09-24 11:22:00
Two earthquakes measuring 5.0 and 5.2 struck off Japan's northeastern coast near the Fukushima Prefecture on Wednesday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

IS-Linked Jihadists Behead Frenchman Kidnapped in Algeria: Reports
2014-09-24 11:21:00
Algerian jihadists with links to the violent Islamic State insurgency uploaded a video on Wednesday showing the beheading of a French national kidnapped in Algeria's region of Tizi Ozou, Agence France Presse reported.

Russia Pledges to Back UN SC Resolution Targeting Foreign Extremist Fighters
2014-09-24 10:45:00
Russia will support a US-drafted UN Security Council Resolution mandating a global crackdown on foreign extremist fighters, Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said Wednesday.

Turkish Peach Imports to Russia Increase 72 Times: Russia?s Federal Customs Service
2014-09-24 10:02:00
The import of peaches from Turkey to Russia has increased 72 times, after Moscow imposed a ban on food imports from Western countries in response to sanctions, the Head of Russia's Federal Customs Service Andrei Belyaninov said Wednesday.

Russian Senator: US Airstrikes in Syria Violate International Law, Must be Stopped
2014-09-24 09:59:00
US military action in Syria is contrary to international law and must be stopped by the European community, a Russian senator said Wednesday at a conference held in the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency headquarters.

Over 300,000 Ukrainians Seek Asylum in Russia: Federal Migration Service
2014-09-24 09:58:00
Some 300,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict in the country's southeast have applied for asylum in Russia, head of Russia's federal Migration Service, Konstantin Romodanovsky said on Wednesday.

Obama Says ISIL, al-Qaeda Ideology Must Be Contested in Media, Internet
2014-09-24 09:48:00
It is time to acknowledge the destruction brought about by al-Qaeda and ISIL and to contest the space they occupy in the media and in the Internet, President Barack Obama told a United Nations meeting Wednesday.

Prime Minister to Be Appointed in Yemen Later Wednesday
2014-09-24 09:45:00
Yemeni?s new prime minister will be appointed later on Wednesday, as Mohammed Salim Basindawa left office the day before, an official source told RIA Novosti.

Moscow Expects International Community to Condemn War Crimes by Kiev-Led Forces
2014-09-24 09:44:00
Moscow is hoping that the UN, the OSCE and the European Council will provide a just and unbiased assessment of the mass killings of civilians in eastern Ukraine as evidence indicates that the atrocities have been committed by Kiev-led forces, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Obama on IS: No Negotiation With This Brand of Evil, Only Language of Force
2014-09-24 09:42:00
There can be no negotiations with such brand of evil as the Islamic State, only the language of force, President Barack Obama said Wednesday.

Obama Says US to Lift Sanctions if Russia Backs Ceasefire in Ukraine
2014-09-24 09:29:00
The united States President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that the country would lift the sanctions imposed on Russia in case it chooses a peaceful course in Ukraine.

Russia to Sign Extradition Treaties With Laos, Sri Lanka
2014-09-24 09:21:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Ministry of Justice to sign extradition agreements with Laos and Sri Lanka, according to a statement published on Russia's official website of legal information on Wednesday.

Europe Sees Steady Rise of Intolerance Toward Minorities: Council of Europe
2014-09-24 09:11:00
Europe's intolerance toward minority groups has risen over the past two years and the trend is likely to continue along with a surge of nationalistic spirit, minorities expert Athanasia Spiliopoulou Akermark said in a podcast with the council of Europe Wednesday.

Adviser: Sarkozy Blames Hollande for Dividing French Society Over Gay Marriage Law
2014-09-24 09:10:00
Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy blames the country's current leader Francois Hollande for dividing French society over the same-sex marriage law, adviser to Sarkozy, French sociology professor, Yvan Blot told Rossiya Segodnya on Wednesday.

Norwegian Children Join Islamic State in Syria: Reports
2014-09-24 09:03:00
Some Norwegian children have traveled to Syria to assist the Islamic State (IS) in their fight as the airstrikes against the militant group continue to rise in number, Norway?s The Local reported Wednesday.

OSCE Watchdog Concerned About Russia?s Draft Changes to Media Ownership Law
2014-09-24 09:00:00
Dunja Mijatovic, a representative on media freedom with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), on Wednesday voiced her concerns about the draft amendments to Russia's law on mass media that she said could hurt pluralism in the country.

Violence Flares in Ferguson After Fire at Brown Memorial: Reports
2014-09-24 08:59:00
US city of Ferguson witnesses more protests, arrests after a memorial to Michael Brown, African-American teenager shot by a police officer in August, was destroyed in fire, USA Today reported Wednesday.

Femen Activists Protest in Paris Against Islamic State
2014-09-24 08:49:00
Activists of Femen movement organized a protest in the center of Paris against the Islamic State (IS) on Wednesday.

World Has No Effective Ebola Vaccine Yet: Russian Consumer Watchdog
2014-09-24 08:47:00
here is no vaccine yet, which could prove effective against the Ebola virus, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian consumer watchdog, said Wednesday.

Former Russian Prime Minister: Islamic State ?Magnet? for Radical Insurgency in Mideast
2014-09-24 08:46:00
The Islamic State's growing body of recruits and its rapid progress across Syria and Iraq pose a serious threat to the global community and require all nations in the UN Security Council to join their forces in fighting back against the IS insurgency, a former Russian prime minister and foreign intelligence service chief said Wednesday.

Philippine Militants Threaten to Kill Two Germans Over Berlin Supporting Anti-IS Coalition
2014-09-24 08:31:00
Philippine militants from the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) have threatened to kill two German captives held since April should Germany continue to support US-led operations targeting Islamic State (IS) militants, a statement published by the SITE Intelligence Group Wednesday said.

US Using Stealth Aircraft in Syria to Avoid Detection by Country's Air Defense
2014-09-24 08:19:00
The use of fifth generation US stealth F-22 Raptor fighters against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization in Syria could be explained by the United States? fear of Syrian air defense forces, military experts told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

Adviser: Sarkozy Wants to Avoid Fuelling Conflict Between Europe, Russia
2014-09-24 08:15:00
Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy does not want to exacerbate the conflict between Western Europe and Russia, he feels "admiration and even friendship" towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, adviser to Sarkozy, French sociology professor, Yvan Blot told Rossiya Segodnya Wednesday.

Russian Envoy: OSCE Monitors Visit Mass Grave Near Donetsk, Report Due Wednesday
2014-09-24 08:12:00
Monitors of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have visited a mass grave near the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk and will deliver a report on the issue later on Wednesday, Russia?s envoy to the organization said.

Czech Ex-Prime Minister Says West Should Stop Hostility Toward Russia: Reports
2014-09-24 08:03:00
The former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Necas said during a press conference Wednesday that hostility toward Russia must come to an end, as it remains West's strategic partner, local Echo24 media outlet has reported.

Al-Qaeda-Linked Khorasan group
2014-09-24 07:59:00
Among the main targets of the United States airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, US State Secretary John Kerry has particularly noted the Khorasan Islamist group, linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, remarks from a stakeout with Iraqi President Fuad Masum in New York, published by the US Department of State demonstrate.

Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists Evacuate Bases in Northwestern Syria: Reports
2014-09-24 07:27:00
Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as al-Nusra Front, an affiliate of al-Qaeda in Syria, is evacuating its bases near Syria's Aleppo, Al Arabiya News reported Wednesday, citing a source from within the group.

US Airstrikes in Syria Kill Leader of Al-Qaeda-Linked Group: Reports
2014-09-24 07:27:00
The leader of the al-Qaeda-linked "Khorasan" group was killed in the bombardment of Syrian city Idlib, Al-Arabiya reported Wednesday.

Radical Islamic Preacher Urges IS to Release British Hostage Alan Henning
2014-09-24 07:21:00
Radical Islamic cleric Abdullah Faisal has called upon the Islamic State jihadist group to free British citizen Alan Henning in a video uploaded on YouTube.

Ashton Spokesman: Current P5+1, Tehran Nuclear Talks Could Be Key to Reach Agreement
2014-09-24 07:15:00
Progress achieved during this week?s talks in New York between a group of international mediators and Tehran could be crucial for reaching a final agreement aimed at limiting the Iranian nuclear program, Michael Mann, the spokesman for EU foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton, said Wednesday.

Self-Proclaimed Donetsk Republic to Elect Supreme Council on November 2
2014-09-24 07:15:00
The parliament of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), the Supreme Council, scheduled legislative elections for November 2 at its session on Wednesday.

US Airstrikes Kill 11 Civilians Inculding Children near Syria's Aleppo: Reports
2014-09-24 06:45:00
Airstrikes, carried out by the United States against the so-called Nusra Front insurgents in northwestern Syria, have killed 11 civilians, including four children, Al Jazeera reported Wednesday, citing an undisclosed Syrian opposition source.

Former Scottish Labour Leader Warns His Party In Danger Of Dying Out Following Referendum
2014-09-24 06:43:00
The former Scottish Labour Party leader and First Minister of Scotland, Henry McLeish, has issued a warning to his party that they are in danger of dying out in Scotland unless it establishes its own identity, separate from the Labour Party in England.

Poroshenko Dismisses National Energy Regulation Commission Chief
2014-09-24 06:35:00
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has removed National Commission for State Energy Regulation chairman Serhiy Titenko from office, the president's website said Wednesday.

Corruption Probe Into Former French President Sarkozy Suspended
2014-09-24 06:35:00
An investigation of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy for alleged corruption and influence-peddling has been suspended, AFP reported on Wednesday.

Palestine?s Ambassador: Current Israeli-Palestinian Talks Focus on Humanitarian Issues
2014-09-24 06:34:00
The current indirect talks between Israeli and Palestinian officials focus on the humanitarian situation and are expected to solve the problem of the Gaza Strip, while the general Palestinian situation is a political issue, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Fayed Mustafa told RIA Novosti Wednesday.

Putin's Aide: Sanctions to Have 'No Terrible Effect' on Russia in Short Term
2014-09-24 06:15:00
Sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia are unlikely to have far-reaching consequences unless they are stricter, presidential aide Sergei Glaziev said Wednesday.

Wife of British IS Hostage Receives Recording of Husband Pleading for Life: Reports
2014-09-24 06:08:00
The wife of British taxi driver and volunteer aid worker, Alan Henning, taken hostage by the Islamic State (IS) in Syria, has received an audio recording of her husband begging for his life, The Independent reported Wednesday.

US Drones Tracking Bin Laden Operated from Germany Without Berlin?s Consent: Reports
2014-09-24 06:07:00
American drones, used for hunting down al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, were operated from NATO's Ramstein Air Base in Germany without the knowledge of the German government, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Wednesday, citing US military officials, who took part in the operation.

Ambassador: Establishing Palestinian State Prerequisite for Permanent Peace in Mideast
2014-09-24 06:04:00
Palestinians want to know when their state will be established, and that will serve as a prerequisite for finding a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Fayed Mustafa told RIA Novosti Wednesday.

Japan Notifies Moscow of its Position Over Russian Official Visiting Disputed Island
2014-09-24 06:04:00
The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has conveyed to Moscow through diplomatic channels its position regarding the visit by Russian Presidential Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov to one of the disputed Kuril islands, the Russian Embassy in Japan said Wednesday.

New Japanese Sanctions Will Not Affect Plans for Putin?s Tokyo Visit: Japan?s Cabinet
2014-09-24 06:03:00
Tokyo's introduction of additional sanctions against Russia will not affect plans for Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Japan, the country's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Wednesday.

Gas Prices for Ukrainians May Quadruple by Year-End: Media
2014-09-24 05:22:00
Gas price in Ukraine may quadruple by the end of the year as the country?s state oil and gas company Naftogaz prepares to introduce a single gas price for all types of consumers by the end of 2014, Ukraine?s UNIAN news agency reported Wednesday.

Ukraine, EU Nations Discuss Boosting Reverse Gas Deliveries in Peak Season: Media
2014-09-24 05:10:00
Kiev and some EU member states are discussing ways to increase reverse deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine in order to cover the country's gas demand during the winter peak season, the UNIAN news agency reported Wednesday.

Diplomat: ?Unite and Lead? Formula Should Replace US ?Divide and Rule'
2014-09-24 04:52:00
"Divide and rule" formula of world leadership that the USA has been following in its global policy in the recent decades is deeply outdated, new paradigm of global development is needed, the Russian diplomat said Wednesday.

Iraqi Prime Minister Backs Anti-IS Cooperation Among Washington, Arab Countries
2014-09-24 04:48:00
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi welcomed the cooperation between the United States and their Arab allies in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in an interview with television channel CNN.

Ambassador: Israeli, Palestianian Officials to Hold Next Round of Talks Late October
2014-09-24 04:38:00
Fayed Mustafa, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia, has confirmed to RIA Novosti that the next round of peace talks between the Palestinian Autonomy and Israel will be held late October.

Ukraine Might Receive ?Special? Non-NATO US Ally Status in November: Kiev
2014-09-24 04:33:00
Ukraine hopes to be granted a "special" Non-NATO US ally status in November, Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry representative Yevhen Perebiynis said in an interview with the 112 Ukraine television channel.

Pfizer Hopes Russia Considers Drug Import Substitution Plan Carefully
2014-09-24 04:29:00
One of the global pharmaceutical giants, US pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer hopes that Russia continues its dialogue with foreign drug producers and finds a solution ensuring the Russian public's access to high-quality medicines while it implements its drug import substitution program, Pfizer's director general in Russia Danil Blinov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

EU Halts Compensation Aid to Dairy Farmers Amid Suspicions of Fraud
2014-09-24 04:29:00
The European Union (EU) has refrained from aiding cheese producers affected by a Russian import embargo due to possible compensation fraud, an EU Commission spokesman reported Wednesday.

New Japanese Sanctions to Affect Tokyo?s ?Geopolitical Position?: Moscow
2014-09-24 04:25:00
Japan?s new sanctions against Russia will have a negative impact on the Tokyo?s geopolitical position and will send a wrong message to Japanese businesses, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Int?l Organizations Should Join Probe Into East Ukraine Mass Killings: Moscow
2014-09-24 04:16:00
Russia wants international organizations to join an investigation into the deaths of civilians, buried in a mass grave near the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, a senior Russian diplomat said Wednesday.

UK Parliament to be Recalled for Debate on Air Strikes Against IS
2014-09-24 03:51:24
Britain?s Parliament is expected to be recalled on Friday to approve UK air strikes against the Islamic State (IS) in the wake of US-led air attacks against IS forces, The Guardian reported late on Tuesday, September 23.

Obama Denounced for Coffee Cup Salute
2014-09-24 03:35:00
President Barack Obama has been widely criticized for saluting the Marine Corps while holding a cup of coffee in his hand as he stepped out of his helicopter in New York, where he has arrived to make a speech at the UN General Assembly.

UK Labor Party to Launch National Refuge Fund, Halt Police Cuts: Reports
2014-09-24 03:34:00
The UK's Labor party will attempt to prevent the firing of 1,100 police officers in 2015, and continue with plans to create a new national refuge fund for victims of domestic violence, The Guardian reported Wednesday.

Polish Miners Block Trains Carrying Russian Coal at Border
2014-09-24 03:28:00
Polish miners have blocked trains carrying Russian coal from entering their country, Polish news outlet RMF 24 reported Wednesday.